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Saturday, February 20, 2010

new dollie arrival!

Festive Decadence Agnes von Weiss giftset arrived today-



My other Agnes is wearing the Festive Decadence outfit I also bought, High Tide Vanessa is wearing the purple set that came with Agnes



For more photos, check out my main 1:6 scale blog-


Friday, February 5, 2010

More snow.in the Pumpkin Patch, Gracie's New sleigh..

Here in Virginia they have been calling for more snow, and snow, snow, snow it did. bleh. I hate & despise snow, but Gracie was all excited about the falling snow and wanted to try out her new sleigh. Since they were callling for ice, and wet rain, I couldn't keep the shop open today, so on for home and picture taking we went...

Here she is in the front playing with her new sleigh. (It's an ornament from Michael's I picked up on sale) When these pics were taken, it was falling quite thick, it is hard to see it in the photos.

Gracie decided today I be the one to blog...so here is her adventure in the snow..

Gracie: Oohmph...who would've though walking in snow would have been so hard? And no decent hill to slide down!

......and this snow is so light and feathery, I can't even slide! This isn't any fun at all!

Me(behind the camera): Smile Gracie! Hey, what's the


Gracie: well, you see, it's very hard to slide down a hill in this feather light snow. It isn't sticky...

Me: Don't worry, it soon will be. That's why we have to take your pics now. It's gonig to be real wet soon!

Gracie: Really? Can I slide then?

Me: I doubt it-- it will be really slick and icey then..

Gracie: Well, I don't know about that..you mean it will keep snowing like this, all day?

Me: (sigh) yes, all day.

Gracie: You don't like snow- do you?

Me: (grin) indeed not. I hate being cooped up in the house, makes me antsy.

Gracie: Is that why you will sew-- when it snows?

Me: Yep, or when pigs fly, whichever comes first!

Gracie: You're too funny. Well, should we go in? I'd like some hot chocalote!

Me: Me, too. You were thinking just what I was thinking. Are you going to put this on the blog??

Gracie: who me?? I thought I had the day off- it did snow, after all.

Me: Hmmph. See if I let you out to play in the snow again...

And so that was all for here at the Pumpkin Patch for Gracie's 'snow day'. She has been working rather hard with me at the shop, sending notes & letters out to the rest of the dollies, notifying them of new arrivals who will be living here, and most of all, taking care of the drama of the fashionistas in the Maison de la Royale dollhouse- or the The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse -http://theonesixthscaledollhouse.blogspot.com

Happy snow days to everyone!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Gracie blogs about the snow....

..Well, keeping track of this blog for all of these dolls and Miss Lisa is no picnic, I can tell you. Then she found me on Facebook & I got my administrative duties curtailed, you might say...well, as a doll I have to have down time also...and playing Bejeweled Blitz and Farmville is just a relief stresser, I tell you.

In the meantime, I decided to use Lisa's computer while we were stranded here at the house. So boring...it started snowing on Friday evening, and did not stop until Saturday evening. Miss Lisa was antsy, as she usually is, and when she is bored...all the dollies need to watch out...she decides to 'organize' us, or worse-- SEW! lol. But this time she didn't do any of those things and was mostly surfing looking at a new companion for me...yes, she still wants Lanie the American Girl, but she also wants an SD bjd, and was even looking at those HUGE ones- that are 70 and 80 cm tall!

One thing I did during all of this was to sit back ontop of the silkstone barbie boxes near Lisa's desk is kick off my sneaks and play with my etch-a-sketch. This is my new school uniform that came on the slow boat from China...(or so Miss Lisa says...lol) I dread when she starts making me go to school...I already have this blog to tend to...how much can I do with homework also?Geez, I'm only a doll!
I've also been told to keep on the lookout for the new 1/6 scale W club fashionista that is coming to live with us- as if we need another Agnes! Controlling that party crowd in the Maison de la Royale dollhouse is wild I tell you...and now we have another one coming to live there! They had so much fun for Christmas I can't get them to take their Christmas tree down...what is a dolly administrator to do? I have complained to the doll owner in charge, but she indulges them...oh well...hopefully there will be another one sixth scale dollhouse photostory coming soon!
Yesterday Lisa's other half dug out the driveway...what a job. I know why she hates snow now...But it didn't effect Pumpkin Hill's many black cats- Henry watched from his window perch near the desk...where he sleeps. Here is a picture of Henry the indoor tyrant. He pretty much knows who is boss..Me...and leaves me alone.
Well, that is all for dolly blogging today here at the Pumpkin Patch...check our King William Miniatures blog- Miss Lisa is cleaning house at the shop and is getting ready for a show!
~Gracie, dolly administrator-in-charge