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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring is here!

Spring is here and after so much heavy ice, snow and rain, and freezing temperatures it is hard to believe how quickly the fields and trees can burst into bloom.
Above is view from our front yard & drive. The tree is a flowering Japanese pear tree.
The dolls are happy about it!

Here Felicity sits in the window surveying springtime blooms.
With spring has come a major project for hubby & I. The house has become so cluttered and disorganized it is difficult to get much done. Mostly due to frenetic pace I have had to keep last year with our two businesses and charity work as well as family life too. So I made a promise to myself- after all of the frenetic pace slowed down in March, we would take the house in hand. Some repairs need to be made and I have decided alot of the old furniture and carpets need to go-- so a major spring cleaning is taking place. (That's why there are no pics!) Yesterday I packed up my work space and craft supplies- put away myclay and crafting items so I could move furniture in and about. The best thing in this- out with the old, in with the new?? Bright sunlight, spacious room I didn't know we possessed, and less 'stuff'. It is by no means complete yet, we are just getting started. Hopefully, by the time it is all said and done, I will have a much larger room to have my doll room! 
So the reason for all of this is my creations in miniature food might not be forthcoming for a while. Though plenty of dolls are going to be incoming! I have been sorting my dolls and their clothing and fell prey to my old childhood collection of Liddle Kiddles, Skipper, Tutti and vintage dolls of my youth. Hence why some new vintage dolls are incoming soon! Right now I will leave with a pic of Skipper, Tutti and one of my little dolly darling klone kiddles.

I made her dress and added the silk ribbon bow in her hair. I also cleaned her up a bit and restyled her hair with slight touches of water. Isn't she adorable? This doll was originally sold as a lily ofthe valley corsage, you could wear her. She didn't have clothing on except a ruffled white hat. I think my mother bought her for me to wear one easter instead of the lily corsage I usually wore each Easter as a little girl- this way I got a dolly. Since my mother passed last year I have been more nostalgic in my doll collection and notice I am veering towards the vintage dolls I enjoyed so much as a child. 
all for now!