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Friday, June 17, 2011

All 'Wigged' out in the 'Patch....

So Gracie has been having an Alice in Wonderland complex.....and started complaining about her hair.
Gracie in her 'before' pic with Leekeworld wig from Denver Doll Emporium
The wig was great, but unfortunately, new to the bjd world when I bought it, it soon frizzed on me. No amount of combing and wetting would settle the frizz on the curl. It is still a good wig, but then Gracie decided to contact Mimi on Den of Angels and had TWO wigs made in the same color??
This is why you don't give bjd's laptops.....
Well, the wigs arrived today. Gracie maintains that Dottie will want to look JUST LIKE HER....and needed one. Or one could be used for styling rococco when I make her new dress....(hmm, how did that slip in there........) Now she has decided that the wonderful fluffy wigs would make her into a perfect Alice in Wonderland....so she definitely needs the Tim Burton Alice dress, not the silly one from Disney....hmmph. Well, here is Gracie in her new wigs..

This one or .....this one?

One is more wavy than the other, and the other one she settled on was longer with the waves in it. There were variations of color in the other one as well. She has a white rococco dress made from a pattern by Haute doll, I will have to dig that out and make her another one, with the other wig restyled in a rococco/Marie Antoinette style, to match the dress. She does resemble Alice in this new wig though, so maybe an Alice dress made out of that remnant of blue silk would be lovely too.
All for now~~Lisa