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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Meet Marigold Finch- of Finch Express..

Things have been so busy here at the Pumpkin Patch on the Hill. With moving our shop inventory back home, displays, packing up miniatures, and trying to create items in the chaos, I have had no time to introduce our newest member at the Patch- Marigiold. One reason was I very particular about the story of Marigold, which was inspired by Tasha Tudor's 'Sparrow Post'. Here in King William county where I live, however, finchs abound all over the fields, our yard, and reside in the trees. They are quite small and perfect, a variety of little birds that are quite friendly. When I came up with the idea of my own 'Sparrow Post' I did not want to necessarily copy Tasha's idea and thought of Finches- hence, Finch express. The dolls needed a friendly little postal person, not necessarily another doll, to deliver their correspondence.
Another inspiration of the bird was the little bird from Stuart Little, who he goes in search for when she runs away. So Marigold Finch came about- with the masterful sculpting skills of Patricia Carabera of WoolyTales Miniatures who was pleased to send our little bird. She came with a little mailpouch and cap, but currently before taking on her duties as delivery of news both written & verbal to the dolls, she is settling into her home. I placed her nest, a find from a craft store, in the spare room of Strawberry Hill where the tinies are currently living. Marigold's room was originally the train room set up in the dollhouse, hence the clouds and background painted on the walls. I haven't yet stacked books and letters about her next, since she is a packrat- and likes to save letters that are 'lost'. The above pictures are of her in her nest, in her new room and on the back of the chairs in the dining room.

She likes going to Minuette's sweet shop and looking down on the customers, and getting to know her 'route'....

Her main place of pickup is the antique post office box next to Minuette's shop, we haven't decided the times she should pickup as of yet...

She also likes to make friends with the current residents of Pumpkin Hill, hence one of our new residents, Happy. He was quite 'happy' to meet Marigold, and likes to receive news of the other dwarves.
I will be including Marigold alot more on the stories when our new tinies arrive- Marigold's co-hort will be a RealPuki Soso from Fairyland by way of  Denver Doll Emproium. The patch will be overrun soon with Tinies, but the Realpuki Soso, whose name will be Wren, will be Marigold's fairy assistant and help make sure that the correspondence is sorted correctly and packed well for delivery. (Marigold has wings, but no hands) I will probably put a little bed in Marigold's room for Wren. Marigold & Wren will be our postal system team at Pumpkin Hill...
Until later, Marigold says 'Have letters, will fly!"