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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween party at Pumpkin Hill!

So we invited our friends for the Halloween party- the first in the dollhouse in years since it's been restored! What a blast! Lots of candy- and mice who were regular's at Minuette's sweet shop came in costume as well....

Minuette's friend, Jack Mouse, came with his candy corn and everything....April Mae decided to come as a skeleton. Fitz & Floyd made Jack's costume...

I myself, decided not to go as a bee- and a good thing! My buddy Chelsea came as a bee in the same costume I had tried on! and my other friends Kelly and Kelley came as a witch and a bat! I decided at the last minute on my bunny costume. The bee costume was scratchy and tight...Marigold perched on the new TV between my rabbit ears....lol....

 Happy Halloween from all us down here at the Pumpkin Patch on Pumpkin Hill!
~Dixie, way down South in Virginia

Happy Halloween from the Pumpkin Patch!

Happy Halloween everyone- from the 'Patch down here at Pumpkin Hill...This is such a favorite picture of mine. Our own pumpkin house is coming along...slowly.
We are almost ready but not quite. Windows are coming along on our dollhouse restoration. But I have news- MORE dolls are arriving...one is coming today. His name is Wallace and he is a dollfactory polar bear from the Wylde Bunch ....my buddy Miranda Facebooked me...I'm getting real savvy with this Facebook thing for a doll.
So Wallace will according to dolly tracking, be arriving today. From what I gather from Lisa, he is looking for a new venture here at the pumpkin patch, and will be taking over as the professor/teacher at the local one room schoolhouse Lisa is setting up . Evidently us dolls don't have enough to keep us busy, so we need to go to school. I'm not sure if I'm going to like this very much. But our Rement desks are here, and Lisa is busily looking for additional items. If more dolls keep arriving, then I don't think the one room schoolhouse will be BIG enough....
But there is another doll that has been on the 'list' that is arriving as well....(evidently there is a list of 'wanted' dolls Lisa has- she won't show it to me cause she knows it would probably disappear-!) but a doll named Miss Hitty, made out of wood. Lisa has long wanted a Miss Hitty- I think it's because all of her FRIENDS have miss Hittys, but you could do the same rationalization with us tinies on that line of thinking.......after all, there are alot of us!
She won Miss Hitty on Saturday night. Here is a picture of her

Evidently Miss Hitty isn't even finished! Not only do we have a ANOTHER doll coming here to the Patch to live, but she needs to be finished! And she's made out of wood! whoever heard of a wooden dolly--?? but oops, there I go again- the Woodenhouse family will probably welcome her as they are made out of wood and look like Queen Victoria's dolls........as moderator of the blogs, I have to be open minded about alot of these made to look old dolls...
But on a happier note- Halloween is here and Miss Lisa and Mr. Chris took me driving yesterday up to Spotsylvania- the historic part. It was a beautiful fall day and it was lovely with the leaves turning, and all. We even stopped at a one room schoolhouse- Lisa's passion is taking photos of these places.This was the Stubbs schoolhouse and it is now fully restored and preserved. I think it was built a very long time ago- as it had a well and an outhouse and a wood stove.

There are a couple of one room schoolhouses near our place here at the 'Patch, but they are no longer used as schoolhouses, just storage places, or closed up and stripped of the old schooldesks, or worse. So it was nice to see one so beautifully restored and cared for, since it is a part of our history. Miss Lisa's grandmother went to a one room schoolhouse and often told stories about it, which is why I guess she is so insistent that we dolls go to school, and is bringing Professor Wallace here. I was glad to go along that day in my basket and see the schoolhouse now...
Here's hoping everyone has a lovely Halloween!
~Dixie, way down South in Virginia