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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hogwarts' classroom in 1:6 scale...

I have long neglected my Pumpkin HIll blog and am sorry for that...so am hoping this will satisfy that haunted and spooky season of Halloween that we are all looking forward to in the doll and dollhouse miniature world. There is no more fun season to do than Halloween other than Christmas in dioramas and dollhouses!
I recently acquired a doll I noticed on Ebay that looked like Hermoine from the Harry Potter movies and it was indeed an 8 inch articulated doll in the Gryffindor colors and school uniform. Mattel made these dolls back in 2001, there is also a Harry Potter one. I have never seen a Ron Weasley. But it makes for a fantastic 1:6 scale beginnings of a diorama of the magic classrooms. I have long been inspired by such collectors of magical miniatures such as Sally Wallace and her Hogwarts castle by Rik Pierce and haunted and spooky miniatures by Ericka Van Horn of EV Miniatures . Sally originally had her site called Sal's Site where she also has her ministry of Magic roombox and the Weasley home done in miniature as well. 
I hope you visit these sites and are asl inspired as I have been. Enjoy the pictures of Hermoine, her owl and Elphaba who has stepped in for Professor McGonnall.

Hermoine was made by mattel and the little owl I had stays with her hand as it has a magnet for a wand, which did not come with her. The owl was made by a miniature artisan in the UK. her elbows and knees are articulated and a little handle on her back moves her wand arm up and down, I really love her size and her body. I can hardly wait to scoop up Harry- the possibilities are endless. The little desks came off of Ebay and I made all of the leather and snakeskin books and the dead plants. Enjoy!