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Saturday, March 26, 2011

NewThings happening in the Pumpkin Patch...on the Hill

New things will be happening inthe Pumpkin Patch, here on Pumpkin Hill. For one, my main girls decided to band together. On American Girl Playthings forum many of the participants write about their dolls, their dolls' personality, characters, and more with in depth story lines. Well, my crew wanted to get in on the act. So I will be creating a Doll Dossier  with the story behind the dolls who live here, and the main storyline.
It has long been my intention to explain a little more of the Pumpkin Patch, or Pumpkin Hill. Each of the dolls has her own personality, whether developed totally by me or as in the case of the American Girl dolls, their characters are based on a historical character. For the AG playthings forum however, only these dolls will be featured- Becky Bailey (originally Rebecca Rubin, American Girl)Gracie (Soulkid Katie A. bjd), Dottie (Goodereau Wizard of Oz bjd) and Felicity Merriman (American Girl) Eventually, they will be attending Pumpkin Hill Academy, a finishing school for young ladies. The dolls were excited about this and decided to have cookies to get to know each other.
Do you like Cookies Dottie? my name is Felicity Merriman. "Why yes I do. That cupcake looks yummy." "What is your sock monkey's name? " Toto, I don't have a REAL Toto, so I never go anywhere without sock monkey Toto.."

"My name is Gracie, what is yours? "Uh, Becky Bailey is what the human has decided....she says I'm supposed to go to school with you & the others????"  Gracie laughs. " Don't be worried, you'll like it here in the Pumpkin Patch? "Pumpkin Patch????what kind of ladies school is that-- are we going to grow pumpkins????" Becky is worried. "No, of course not. Pumpkin Hill Academy will be our school's name, simply because it is here in Pumpkin Hill. Miss Lisa (the human) calls it the 'Patch for short, as a joke."  Becky frowns, and says"Oh, ok. I guess that will make sense later?" Gracie smiles. "Don't worry- Miss Lisa is always worried we wouldn't get along, since all of us are so different."
The dolls seem to be getting along, and enjoyed their cookies, and were looking forward to more about their doll dossier. Stay tuned for more!