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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Quiet on the Set! Sunday Morning....

Shhh! They are filming!

I am watching and helping Lisa with the lighting of the doll town in the doll room. Lisa has been steadily organizing and you can read more about it on her blog The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse . She has come a long way in a few days on her doll room organization project. Here are some more pics...

I love watching filming on the set!

Back to us tinies, Well, it's about to get crowded in the one room dollhouse. Lisa found Miss Hitty in a pile of clothing in the other dollhouse, as well as Wren in a teacup! (I know...dolls in teacups and piles of fashion doll clothing! What next? ) So I may very well move out and let Hitty Darling live with Maizie and Wren and have my own room somewhere else. For those of you who don't know who Hitty Darling is, she is a small replica of a wooden doll from Hitty: the first Hundred years. There are lots and lots of Hitty Collectors out there. 

Here is a photo of Hitty with her little gingham dress and red cape on. She's really very nice and keeps us straight, and worries about us not eating home cooked meals since Maizie and I like ice cream and cake and hamburgers...but she makes great pies...that Hitty is a great pie maker! 

Oh well, later- and have a Happy Sunday!