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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas with the dolls on Pumpkin Hill....

Chrismas preparations have begun for all of us dolls on Pumpkin Hill, down here at the 'Patch. Felicity of course, has logs on the fire and lit her candles. It took so long to find a tree! Hopefully, Marigold and Wren will settle down in their nest once it is built. Marigold loves to have her winter nest in the Christmas tree, and sleep by candlelight.

Miss Lisa has been in a whirl of decorating- even painting the den so the tree would 'look right'! She finished painting the den just before Thanksgiving...and then took me with her & Mr. Chris to the hotel in Williamsburg where the Miss Virginia Job's Daughters pageant was being held. Miss Lisa helps the bethel and went to see the two young ladies from her Bethel participate in the pageant. To learn more of Masonic youth such as Job's Daughters,  CLICK HERE .
Here I am in the hotel with my suitcase. And my new dress for Christmas! Maizie got one too, but more on that later. Pageant was fun. Afterwards, Miss Lisa went shopping, at the Christmas Mouse and the Yankee Candle store. She bought some candles, and also Gracie got a Santa hat.

Miss Lisa went a little crazy with the pictures in Yankee Candle's Christmas world...it even SNOWS in there at certain times of the day! This is a special place because they keep this part of the store a Christmas village all year round. As a doll, I wouldn't mind living there..especially with all of the Santas!

This is Gracie's santa hat...it is supposed to fit the really big jar candles, but it fits Gracie just fine.

Maizie and I in our new dresses. At Thanksgiving (yes we celebrated with the other divas from
The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse ) I got to meet Santa and have a serious talk about what I want for Christmas. Don't know if the old guy listened....but he seemed interested.
Thanksgiving...oh wow, the food! Miss Lisa wanted us in the family shoot with our new dresses on. What a feast!

Mini American Girl Emily had a blast, and so did we. Getting ready for Christmas is so much harder for us tinies.  Miss Lisa hasn't yet decorated our dollhouse...she has been so busy.

We also have a new resident , er several new residents! Miss Hitty arrived, as have Mini American Girls Felicity and Julie. So Gracie and I have alot of blogging and catching up to do...but we've been having too  much fun.
I'll end this blog entry with the really really BIG porcelain dolls, who have their OWN tree in the front window!

These are Miss Lisa's BIG porcelain dolls. The one on the left with red braids is Big Rebecca, and the other one is known as Big Amanda (to distinguish her from Miss Lisa's daughter, Amanda) Miss Lisa redressed them in antique toddler dresses from the early 1900's (that's another thing she collects- antique toddler clothing!) These dolls are wearing crinolines under their muslin/lace dresses. She won the dresses on Ebay.
There are many many more pictures, more to come!
Merry Christmas!
Way down South with Dixie Doll...