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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Felicity's parlor....

I am beginning to re-vamp the design of this blog and give it a more pleasing template that is more restful on the eye. I have been working on a number of projects for the dolls- both the American Girls and more recently, sewing for the Silkstone Barbies and my Fashion Royalty dolls. I have recently downloaded a ton of Liberty Jane clothing patterns and I can hardly wait to work on the prairie dress bundle that was such a generous giveaway. The jean skirt that showed how to upcycle old clothing as well as the Tshirt pattern are on my to do list for Rebecca and Kit. (Felicity loves the 18th century, I cannot drag her out of her period, lol) 

Here are some older photos from a few years back of Felicity's parlor I set up in my shop when I was gathering her collection just before she was retired. My Felicity was purchased on Ebay and is a Pleasant Company.

The table and chairs in this photo are from Felicity's retired collection. The fireplace and curio are Bespaq, no longer manufactured and what I used to sell in my shop King William Miniatures & Collectibles when it was open in 2009 to 2011. Regretfully, we had to close as overhead and operating costs were too much for a doll and dollhouse shop. These pieces are still in my collection; I hope to do some more scenes with them soon.

One reason I love this furniture so much is it fits in with the furniture found in many colonial mansions in Williamsburg, Va where Felicity was from. Her tea set resides in this cabinet. 

The portraits in frames, the wreaths, and silver chocolate pot , candlesticks and toile plate on the wall are all from the Williamsburg souvenir shops. The wreaths are actually napkin rings! They have such a Williamsburg look to them. One of my goals this year is to start sewing on a more regular basis, and make Felicity more clothing, I love the styles of the 18th century. I have sewn in 1:6 scale in this period, but never in American Girl doll scale. 

I will also be adding more of the AG blogs I am following to the sidebar here, so hope you follow back!~Lisa

Monday, January 12, 2015

The new year begins....

and so the new year begins... This song from the movie Sense and Sensibility has made me comtemplate what the new year has in store. Please listen to the music as you scroll down...

And as I watch the rain pour down outside my windows this morning..it sets a mood of what's next?

My creativity is demanding more than just dolls, and dollhouse miniatures. So I want to stretch my wings and fly to untrod fields of new techniques , other artistic avenues...just to do something different, for a challenge, to see what I can do, and accomplish...

I am currently working on some new techniques for the doll foods, and made these wonderful 1:3, 1:4 and 1:6 scale St. Honore pastries. The dolls are enjoying them!

 I expanded into the larger scales as this is a part of my 1:6 scale Chateau project with my custom Louis and Marie Antoinette and their family. My inspiration was the Kirsten Dunst movie Marie Antoinette from 2006, I loved the contrast of color, costume and sets in that movie.
I still have alot of work to do on Louis' outfit as well as creating the Dauphin's outfit. 

The table holds a 1:3 St. Honore on the cake stand, and Marie Antoinette holds a 1:6 in this last picture. I could not resist replicating the picture of the little dog on the fauteuil sofa eating the pastry so I used Mops. The pink ones are some of my best, I think, those raspberries were so time consuming but fun to create! More will be forthcoming on this project soon.