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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gracie helps out....

It was rainy, rainy and damp today. The sun came out a little bit. I decided to take Gracie into the shop, she had been lazy and hanging about in her room way too much.


She brought along her pet dogs, and her stuffed rabbit...and her new laptop. She decided that she needed to 'help' me with those packages I have to pack every day, going out to the nice dolly people.

'Why?' I asked.


'Because you're always so busy Miss Lisa. Do you know how long it's been since I came to the shop with you? And you've been playing with those fashion dolls!'

I didn't realize Gracie would get upset since she knew that I had been working ont he one sixthscale dollhouse dining room...but she was...


So I decided to let her help. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

Her laptop was working correctly, the wrong screen kept popping up.


She got a little upset, but it is probably nothing, just a glitch. She hasn't been using it too much...


So I printed the labels, and Gracie helped me put them on the boxes...


Wow, this one is going a long ways away!

Then we had some break time, and Gracie inspected the new items that had come into the shop on Friday...when she wasn't here. She decided she liked the giraffe, alot!

'Ride 'em cowboy!'


Photobucket The nice firemen across the street aren't surprised at dollies in the window, so Gracie was fine. I think all of the new plush dogs really excited her, now that horse she wanted isn't a big deal anymore....

Say Good-bye Gracie...