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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mad Hatter tea party....

Come with me...and welcome..to Wonderland!

I have long wanted to do some unusual art scenes with my dolls that & props that I have collected for my Alice project...which is an ongoing , tabled project because of funds, space and most precious of all...TIME...Like the hatter, sometimes I wish I could kill Time to make it stop!

For instance, I had no time to do this- Fanciful McTwist Mad Hatter Tea party

The owner of the blog, AFancifulTwist, hosts a Mad Tea Party that is 'virtual' and on that day you link to the blog and register so your blog link is on her blog for that day, and everyone can visit the different blogs & tea parties. I so wanted to do this, but had no time to gather together everything for the staging of the props and the dolls.
Though I have a Moxie Alice, my new acquisition, a Factory Blythe, which I won on
Ebay  looks like what I would think Alice would look like, especially with all the shrinking and growing! I was lucky to win her, because she appealed so much to me, and some of the other 'stock' ones did not. I figured if I was going to buy a doll, get what appealed to me and I liked.

In preparation, I took alot of photos today...of my Mattel Mad Hatter, who I keep displayed in our den on the mantle, and my Dollfactory Bobo mouse bjd- known as Minuette and also Doormouse.

To create this scene, I used odd pieces from my collection. The swan chair and table are Bespaq. The china are vintage teapots I had for my dolls as a child as well as a Ruetter Hummel set. The large teacup on the table with a tiny scene is a project I did a few years ago with my miniature club, Va. Miniature Enthusiasts, and I have loved it ever since I created it. I thought it would add to the unusual scale of Alice. My bjd with her mohair wig is holding an empty bottle and she has obviously drank too much of the 'Drink Me' potion and so has grown so large she has to sit on a crown! The red chess pieces are from Hobby Lobby bought on sale...the white ones are much more expensive. I used miniature books from the bookstore for Minuette Mouse to stand on.

Of course, though we do not have Cheshire here at the Pumpkin Patch, there are always cats at Pumpkin Hill, and of course, they are black!

Meet our 'Guardians' - they regard the house and yard as THEIRS...we simply live here to feed them.

Sweetie Pie (or she also answers to 'Little Girl' as my husband nicknamed her in the first picture above) Below, staring confidently into the camera, is June Bug, aka 'Big Man'...if you could see him in person, you would understand the name--- he is a large cat!

I encourage you to browse the Fanciful Twists' blog and click on all the links to the tea parties- also browse her archives. Some of the most beautiful pictures of tea, and all sorts of 'mad' color schemes and tea parties.
I hope you enjoyed this 'mad' little adventure ....and watch our blog as I endeavor to create more!