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Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Correspondence from Miss Ashton....


Miss Ashton was once again writing to her dear Friend Penelope,who lives in England. Alot has happened lately at Pumpkin Hill , as well as the Academy has a new pupil, so let's peak over Miss Ashton's shoulder while she writes....

May 28, 2011
Dear Penelope-
Much has been happening -where to begin? My new pupil, whose name is Kit, has arrived, & what a handful! Thankfully, we haven't begun formal classes yet at the academy! She dislikes school but loves learning new things. She also loves to write, and I frequently find her writing in her journal book at my desk. I might have found the young lady who could report on our activities at the Academy, my dearest Penelope, and maybe influence Becky & Felicity to read more.
Spring has come and I have been baking again! Dearest Penelope, could you please send me your receipe for cherry cordial comfits? I used our fresh cherries from the orchard to bake several pies. We were thinking of having a bake sale to raise money for the Academy's school supplies that are still needed...So I have been busily baking for days now. The girls have been such a big help, especially my newest pupil Kit.
Must run now dear, and prepare the scones for tea! Sincerely , Ashton Browne

While Miss Ashton has been writing to Penelope, her new pupil, Kit, loves to come into the study and write in her journal. Kit is new and is more 'modern' than the other girls, and dislikes school intensely. But she adores reading and any sort of writing, and loves Miss Ashton's study- it is the one place she knows that the other girls will not read her stories or journal.

Other residents of Pumpkin Hill have been busy at their correspondence as well, such as Annabelle from the The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse . Annabelle is a 12 inch French Fashion reproduction doll.

Here is Annabelle with her letters, neatly tied with ribbon, ready for Marigold Finch to deliver them to the other dolls.
Have a wonderful weekend!