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Welcome to Pumpkin Hill Studios, where I create in the smaller side of life, and also sell on Ebay
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I've been up to the past few months....

First, I would like to apologize to those following this blog on being awol for so very long. When I looked at my last blog entry and the goals I had set myself, it is little wonder. An artist dealing with the frustration of not having time to create needs to get serious goals in order, or else, as I have found myself in this situation, your life runs you! lol...so with alot of organizing with hubby and I on board, we have achieved some of those goals or the beginnings.
Above is the result of some of that time management. I was able in the last two or three months to sit down and create. And yes, I threw away alot before I was satisfied, but it felt good. I first created just for myself. There are so many projects and scenes I want to do in 1:6 scale! As a result of this- I began listing items on Etsy in my Etsy shop since I found that there were many doll people who wanted the type of items I was creating.
This blog itself as well as my other blogs- The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse and King William Miniatures blog
will be going thru a transformation too. As I get more organized and have more photos taken, I will be going from there and tweaking my sites a bit too. This blog will become more of a representation of updates on my work, handcrafted, for 1:12 scale as well as 1:6 and possibly the larger doll scales as well, depending on how well received it is.
If you have a miniature commission you wish me to work on for your diorama or dollhouse, please email me at pumpkinhillstudios@msn.com

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eBAY Auctions ! Currently I have 24+ listed of damaged, flawed large scale Bespaq doll furniture items as well as the curios, and various vintage items as well on auction. I will also be adding more!

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