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Friday, July 13, 2012

Back again...the dolls explore

I have been very very busy and haven't had much time to spend with the big dolls of Pumpkin Hill. Felicity, Becca, Kit and Gracie have been a little miffed with me lately. I found them 'exploring' the recent items I have been creating for the 1:6 scale divas of Barbietown, and hope they were not jealous...Becca of course, incited the rest of them ..

Hey you two! Where is Kit?
"I dunno, why?' asked Felicity.
"The human is at it again!"
"What now?" asked Gracie
"She's creating stuff for THOSE diva dolls in that town!" Becca said...
"...C'MON I'll show you!"
so Kit came along, but Gracie and Felicity declined, I guess that antique chase lounge is comfy..

Kit and Becca surveyed the W club doll, Vanessa reclinging on the new custom bed I had created..when she awoke and went 'ACK! GIANT DOLLS!'
...thereby scaring Becca, who also yelled' Diva doll is awake!'
Kit went..."she never makes cool beds like this for US!'
Vanessa is still yelling "ACK!" (I would too if I had giant dolls standing by my bed-)
Becca -'I told you she has been building for The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse again! And that town has gotten BIGGER!'
Kit shrugged her shoulders, and turned to go back to chatting with the other dolls- she has been sitting on the dolls' bed in the human's room, and hasn't had much company lately.

She and Rebecca did insist on a photo of she and Rebecca posing with their mini American Girl co-horts who live in Barbietown...the mini dolls are wearing Re-ment cheerleader outfits that match!

I also explained to Becca that I have been extremely busy listing on Ebay as well as working on custom items for dolls.
When she saw the great pile of boxes of product waiting to be shipped, she was more forgiving. But she did promise me to start making more items for Etsy store especially since Halloween is coming up and I have all of those doll masks. So I did promise.

Please be sure to check the new items up on our Ebay auctions and in our Ebay store as well as I am currently working on  my handmade items from Atelier Lisa for the Etsy store. I have been brainstorming and hoping to move some of these items, so stay tuned for more. Right now I have four listings up, but hope to have more items up soon.

Note: the chaise the dolls sit on in my home is an antique children's chaise lounge that I purchased at an antique store about a year ago- it used to reside in our doll and dollhouse shop where my porcelain dolls were used as a display, quite marvelous. Everyone wished to buy it but not at the price it was worth- it has a swan head on the arm in the carving, simply lovely. So I didn't sell it and brought it home and the AG's and Gracie all love it. It sits in my den near the window and other miniature displays as well as my photo table and the tv...

Will have more pics later when I get the dolls into new outfits and all...