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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A place for everything...& everything in its place...

One of the promises, I made for myself this year was teh cleaning of the 'display', room. Picture to the right is sad, isn't it. Thus is the packrat nature of being a miniaturist & doll collector- you hardly ever throw anything away. lol. Yesterday I did, to create a path to walk in. The large house with no windows is a yard sale find that I have off & on revamped, it houses the reproduction penny wooden dutch dolls in my collection made by the late Fred Laughon, who lived here in Va. Most of the boxes contain, fabric, craft supplies by the score, my wool for needlepoint projects, and so on. I have lots to organize, and spent my valuable time finally getting this organized. Not shown in this room are the shelves, which are also being re organized so my fashion dolls can be displayed better as well. I will be bringing home severeal dollhouses from the shop after it closes, so I need to make room.
On another note, my A Doll A Day Project 2011 in my Flicker album is going well. Didn't know I had so many dolls. Most recent was a photo of an adorable little 8 inch Madame Alexander doll that I received when I was about six or seven, she was my very favorite. My mother would buy them for me for the astronomical price of a whopping $8!!! which she would save up from her tips as a waitress all those years ago, and they were bought at the Westover Five & Dime store. I loved that place as a child. If dolls could be bought for $8 I would probably buy one every day. There she is in the picture above.
I am still making my list of projects that I want to accomplish this year as far as the dolls. Number one is to finish the kitchen in the The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse & also work on the garage- Ken & his buddies want to make it their man cave. lol. Another project I would also like to do is redo my very first dollhouse my dad made for me when I was nine- it was built on a scale of 1 1/2 inch to the foot- using the little doll above as his 'scale'...I was thinking of making it a home for my Tiny bjd's - the Felix Brownies, my anthro mouse bjd, and the PukiFee I want to get as well. So many dolls, so little time....lol