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Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Doll Room...

Many of you might have been wondering where I have been. Haven't been on Facebook either. Most of the time, I have just been hanging around watching the dollhouse real estate get sold off. The human is organizing, and one of her problems is she can't bear to part with any of us dolls...and she also can't stop bringing new ones home. Mostly those fashion dolls who do not eat very much...
so Maizie, Minuette and I are the only tiny dolls hanging about. Wren is around, but she hangs out mostly with Marigold and she has all the work of Finch Express to do each day.

Here we are in the big dollhouse- the Manor.  That's where we have been stuck a good while while our new house is made ready.
So here I am hanging on the front porch.

It's ok, but the reason we are going to be squeezed into the old one room school house is because I just found out our nice house that has been remodeled, will now be the home of the vintage Dawn dolls.

Say what??? But since the other two big dollhouses have left, the schoolhouse is where we are at. Luckily there are beds and tables in plenty, just not houses.

It looks pretty dusty in there...it certainly is on this front porch! And the door has no doorknob!Guess we just go right on in...

There's some leftover items, but we can manage. For now. But Lisa has agreed to let me take back over the blogging thing, to keep me busy and out of her way. She has felt bad about not spending that much time with me, and has promised to make it up to me by taking me to a fairytale place with lots and lots of picture takinglI can hardly wait!