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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Surprise lesson from Miss Ashton....

As Miss Ashton promised Becky, she had a surprise that wasn't eggs, in her basket. Miss Ashton's surprise lessons are so enjoyed by the girls, they squealed with delight when they saw tiny chicks in the basket.
Dottie was the first, and the most shyest of the girls, so she got to hold one of the chicks first. "Hold her gently dear, she won't hurt you. " Dottie was pleased and very gently held the little newly born chick while Felicity looked on.
"Girls, we are going to talk of spring traditions and a little bit of Easter traditions as well today.  So what are traditions or symbols of Easter or Spring that you think of first?" asked Miss Ashton
"EGGS!" said Gracie, "..that's how we got these cute little chicks!"
"Very good Grace. Are eggs also a symbol of Easter?" asked Miss Ashton.

Dottie spoke timidly. " Maybe eggs are what we think of at Easter because we gather them to decorate?? and chicks come from eggs??"
Miss Ashton was pleased, & quickly thought that her dearest Penelope was right in her advice in her letter. "Very good Dorothea!! You are correct on eggs are a symbol of Easter, and we do decorate them!"
Dottie was holding the chick, and so was Gracie. Becky & Felicity looked on fascinated. Becky asked" When will we decorate the eggs Miss Ashton?"

Miss Ashton had placed some items on the table. " Well girls, I thought today we would actually hold one of the symbols of Easter, and of spring, in our hands today. I have some easter dye kits so we can dye our eggs soon, maybe in art class after we learn how to gather the eggs, and boil them-- so that will beour spring art lesson. "
All the girls exclaimed- "Goody!"  Becky squealed- "I love decorating easter eggs!"  Miss Ashton smiled. " We have a few more things before the art lesson, but today I thought we would learn how chicks are hatched, "
"Miss Ashton, what are those books?" Felicity inquired.
"They are books on bunnies- another symbol of Easter. One is the tale of Peter Rabbit, and the others are about rabbits and mice as well. Rabbits or bunnies are another important symbol of Easter, so I thought we would have some nice stories about bunnies at reading time."
"We have a bunny, I have to feed him" Gracie said. and rolled her eyes
"No you don't, I feed him more," countered back Becky.
"Now, now girls, we all feed the buny." said Miss Ashton soothingly.

Miss Ashton bustled about the table, and prepared to open the storybook on Peter Rabbit."Now girls, you may hold the chicks while I read, but let's be quiet and we will have a short storytime before our art lesson"...and she began to read the tale of Peter Rabbit first.................................................

Later that evening......................

Miss Ashton wrote to her friend Penelope, in England....

April 5th, 2011

Dearest Penelope-
I hope this finds you and your family well, and in good health. I took your advice to heart, and just had to stop the day to day work and take a moment and thank you for your very sound advice. Dorothea (Dottie, as the girls call her) is beginning to come out of her shell and it such a joy to watch! You were so right to remind me of our schooldays and the teachings of Mademoiselle. Thank you again!
As to the school's progress...it is coming along. My order for the school supplies has arrived, so each young lady has an art supply kit, composition book for writing, writing tablet, and activity booklet as well. Two desks have arrived- they are used, but my school is on such a tight budget and it is so hard in this rural area finishing and refurbishing the schoolhouse which had been boarded up. I look forward to your next letter- Sincerely, Ashton Brown