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Sunday, October 4, 2009

American Girl Kirsten to be archived soon....

As many might not know, American Girl or Pleasant Company, was recently bought out by Mattel. As usual when Mattel takes over a quality company, they make changes not for the best. I could have kicked myself for not purchasing Samantha long ago and some of her cool accessories, (especially now that I'm into MSD & SD sized BJD's, and have one darling arriving soon.) I was surprised and pleased when they came out with a new historical character, Rebecca, but was really surprised that they will now be archiving or doing away with Kirsten, who is one of the original ones. I felt for sure that it would be Felicity, the little Colonial girl, and her friend Elizabeth. Kirsten's accessories are not as intricate as Felicity's are. I have thought of buying Kirsten before I buy Felicity (I have always wanted one for myself since I bought my daughter Amanda her American Girl years ago, but felt that I shouldn't somehow want a doll (yes, go figure..my doll /dollhouse room is now being revamped to accomadate the new dolls and their Bespaq furniture,lol.) So currently it is a struggle, as Kirsten would make a great Laura Ingalls, and the Little House are still my very favorite books that I loved reading as a child, and even today as an adult. Currently if you go to the Dr. Phil show, Chrissa the current doll of the year, has free shipping from an add on his website until October 6th. I have also thought of getting a Chrissa, but like her accessories more than her. lol. Especially the little sewing machine table, that is so cute.

Alas, I have so many plans for the doll room, as my BJD's will be dressed in historical dress and some of the AG accessories are perfect for this. I wanted Felicity mainly because of the colonial dress, (I want to create a court and have the smaller dolls go to Finishing School, like the academies and young ladies' academies that were so popular in the 18th & 19th century.) I already have figured out who will create the clothing for the dolls and Felicity and Elizabeth would be perfect friends for my little MSD Soulkid coming soon from DenverDollEmporium.

Currently I am trolling Ebay for some of Samantha's accessories, like her Scenes and Settings book, retired, and her school desk- which I will probably need two or three of for the dolls. Felicity's school desk is nice, but I like Samantha's more, it looks more like a schoolhouse, & also more room for the tiny books, pencils, and slates needed for finishing school cuteness. Much of my grandiose plans for the dollroom are just that right now, since I have loads of clearing out of scrapbooking supplies, craft items, you name it in the dollhouse display room that is taking up space. Who knew that doll boxes and containers could take up so much space- that could be used for dolly headquarters?? I would like to paint the room and clear out alot of the useless items that I've accumulated over the years, such as fabric, etc. I am thinking of making some of it into lots so I can accumulate dolly money for the SD sized doll I want, and Felicity. lol. & their overly expensive taste in furniture....

Tori & BigAmandaDoll are still at the shop today; Tori was sadly disappointed we will not be able to go shopping in Williamsburg to shop for Christmas decorations, however, I need to make more lists about what dolls and dollhouses need trees, lights, and action.lol..

Will post more later, when I have some updates...and hopefully Felicity will be coming home around the time my BJD Soulkid will be arriving