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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Review of Melissa & Doug cutlery

I purchased the Melissa and Doug cutlery set after making sure that it would work with my American Girl dolls and be sizeable with the larger scale doll foods I want to create for them, and the bjd's. I also purchased the party plates and cups put out by American Girl available at Michael's stores. 

I used a 50% coupon on the M& D set at ACMoore. It was 14.99 so I got it for about 7.50. I used a 40% off coupon on the American Girl party set which was 5.99 at Michaels, so that was a steal too. 

 photo IMG_0881_zpsxjxp6av5.jpg

Melissa & Doug Mealtime Utensil set. It comes with 16 pieces, four knives, four forks, four soup spoons, four smaller spoons I would classify as dessert or coffee spoons, and a wire basket

 photo IMG_0884_zpspqyx8pzq.jpg

Doll comparison with doll hand and out of the basket.

 photo IMG_0882_zpsjj3axspl.jpg

American Girl crafts Petite Party Settings

 photo IMG_0886_zpsyyln1kwl.jpg

The fork is really HUGE, larger than the knife. Pared with the American Girl party plates and cups, it's really too big. I thought in the store they would be compatible. The plates need to be bigger with these utensils. So do the cups. These are the smaller spoons- I didn't even use the big spoons in the placement since the forks are so ginormous!

 photo IMG_0889_zpsr8qo9omz.jpg

Fork with the doll's hand. Again, large but not that large. You'll see when I use a larger plate. 

 photo IMG_0888_zpsjlmn1p4r.jpg

Comparison with spoon and knife against hand. Again, a little large, but when I switch out the American girl party plates for other ones, you will see. 

 photo IMG_0894_zpsov3ydprr.jpg

This time, I switched out the party plates for real china plates from my collection. Now the utensils look proportional to the doll. 

 photo IMG_0895_zpsw3xltv4s.jpg

(Pay no attention to those table legs in the background, lol) Becca looks happy at the pretty plates and utensils now. 

 photo IMG_0901_zps44qvekdx.jpg

The plate is four inches across in diameter, as 1:3 scale should be. 

 photo IMG_0905_zpsxtjkerp7.jpg

Though I think these plates are four inches wide, their actual diameter is probably only three inches.  They are still 1:3 scale. The cups in my opinion need to be far larger, which are more 1:4 scale than 1;3 scale. AG has never been very 'scale' accurate. 

 photo IMG_0902_zpsr7rvngwy.jpg

I would say the knife is about 5 or 6 inches long. The spoon is also proportional to the china plate I have. These are from a child's pre-occupied Japan tea set that has been in the family for over 55 years from my husband's family, so it is fun to use it. 

 photo IMG_0900_zpsbrj8otvm.jpg

The fork is very long. But one thing to remember is these are child sized, useable for children from age 3+ and up and dishwasher safe, so they can be used with 'real' food. 

I would say if you had very large BJD's- 58 +, 60, and 70 cm bjd's , Masterpiece dolls, or even My Twinn dolls, this set would work very well with it, with the American Girls, Kato Kids, A Girl of All Time, Gotz Kids, and dolls that size acting as children dolls, and the My Twinns acting as parents, or large porcelains acting as the parents. You could still fudge on the scale with this set as long as your plates are four inches in diameter, in my opinion.

I am going to be looking for a smaller set for utensils for the AG's,I remember a link somewhere, but need to look for it. They just need to be a trifle shorter than this to work for 18 inch dolls. 

Hope this was helpful! Lisa