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Monday, September 28, 2009

Tori's Day....& we Meet 'Murphy'....

Well, as promised Tori went home from the shop on Saturday, to stay home and get ready for our big trip on Williamsburg. However, on Sunday, someone called 'Murphy' showed up- (Murphy's law- if it can go wrong- it will!lol) and hubby Chris (Dad Chris to the dolls) found something wrong with the tire on the van.

Coming from the shop after wrapping up a few packages ready to ship, I found Tori in the van, excited about the Williamsburg trip. Even strapped into the seat with her seatbelt...
Tori: I'm ready to go Miss Lisa!

Me: Uh, Tori, we can't go to Williamsburg today sweetie...

Tori: why not? You promised!

Me:.....well, you know on Sunday Dad Chris found something wron gwith the tire...

Tori: ....so, get it fixed!

Me: well, we're going to, that might take up alot of time today.

Tori: oh. ok.

Long Silence............................

Tori: will we go to Williamsburg after that?

Me:....er, probably not. But I can take pictures of you at home, and we'll have a nice afternoon.

Tori: ok. Will we be able to go next Monday?

Me: I hope so, I really wanted to go today. But there's some good news-

Tori: what?

Me: well, dad Chris will fix my market basket, and you won't have to ride in the tote bag!

Tori: the one with wheels that looks so like we're shopping in Paris?

Me: ....where did you hear that? well, I suppose it does look like those baskets they shop with over there....but it will be more convenient, instead of riding in the tote bag with all my gear!

Tori: Cool!
Well onward home we went after visiting the mechanic, and going to the store. Tori was fascinated with our black kitties, but June Bug (aka Big Man) wasn't as excited about the photo shoot as Tori was, neither was our other black kittie, Sweetie Pie, who would not post for pictures.

After visiting with the cats, Tori surveyed damage that had happened today with some windy weather- a tree branch fell off in the driveway.

Tori: it's good that the van wasn't parked there today Miss Lisa, then we wouldn't be able to go at all to Williamsburg!

Me: That's right. But I had fun spending some time with you, just us.

Tori: I did too. But I really wanted one of those hats.

And so ends our day, not very fun or eventful with the tree branch falling, and visiting the mechanic- ugh. But it was fun to have dolly time, and some adventures.