Welcome to Pumpkin Hill.....

Welcome to Pumpkin Hill Studios, where I create in the smaller side of life, and also sell on Ebay
For more of what I sell on Ebay, visit this link at my Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios https://www.ebay.com/str/pumpkinhillstudios

I specialize in antique & vintage Dolls and toys, dollhouse miniatures, Barbie, Fashion dolls, fashion doll furniture, antique and vintage China, Glass, and high quality art collectibles and other unique items.


Monday, March 28, 2016

Take the crankbaits please! &other items listed on Ebay

I have a bunch of new items up on eBay- yes, I am now selling Fishing lures of all things- crankbaits! 

Click here to go to my Ebay Auctions & Buy it Now items

I also am selling my  Fashion Royalty 'Love the One' Ayumi doll, nude. 

Ayumi is on a Buy it now or Best offer. 

Here are all of the Fishing lure/Crankbait items, mainly used for Bass Fishing. My husband used to fish the Bass Tournament circuit heavily a few years ago. 

I have some other doll related items as well. 

The last of my old dead stock of doll china tea pots, this one is a 1:3 scale 3 1/2 inch china tea pot, can really pour. Spout has the ability to pour, perfect for My Twinn, American Girl SD & MSD BJD's. 

2 Wedgewood Williamsburg Potpourri teacups 

Ganz Brown Arabian stuffed horse 

retired Thirty-One Whoo's Hungry Lunch thermal tote 

Pre owned Women's Nike Air Comfort Golf shoes, size 8,barely worn
only once or twice. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

New auctions up!

I have some new eBay auctions up, with some new items listed, and some old items re-listed. 
Here are the items just up...
Some dealer car repair manuals and commercial boiler repair manual have been added. I have lowered the price slightly on the Wild Thing 2014 GLOSS convention Poppy Parker, and The IT Airways Poppy giftset. I have also lowered the price on the regal veronique giftset/best offer a bit too. 

Some dolls have sold, and I am going through more items to take photos to list. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Back into the Ebay swing of things! Auctions up!

Pumpkin Hill Studios on Ebay  is the link to my listings. 

Here is what I currently have up on ebay-

OOMPH, ZING, & JOLT starting bid $50

McDonald's vintage playset $10 starting bid

Twlight Edward and Bella Nude $9.99 each seperate auctions

Home Companion magazines, paper dolls uncut 7.99 lot of 5

lot of 2 home companion magazines, $4

lot of 5 home companion magazines paper dolls uncut 7.99

Princess Diana magazine, rare 9.99

springfield 18 inch victorian doll desk 19.99 

AMERICAN Girl Felicity riding habit NIB $50

AMERICAN GIRL Grace's bistro set $89 

Jem and the Holograms Craig Phillips NRFB $200

NRFB Tris Divergent Barbie $10

GLOSS Convention 2014 centerpiece doll $489 Intrigue Elise Jolie

007 James Bond Pussy Galore Goldfinger Barbie $70 NRFB

Addy's summer dress 9.99 on auction

NRFB Happy Holidays 2009 Barbie 

50th anniversary Generations of Dreams $35 

150th anniversary FAO Schwarz toy soldier barbie 19.99

Misaki Ye-Ye Nude 99.00

Red Riding hood wolf 9.99

lOT OF 5 Twilight dolls 75.00

Wicked witch of the East auction 20.00 de-boxed

18 inch sized doll wicker chair 6.00

Royal Treatment Veronique nrfb 220.00

It Airways Poppy Parker NRFB 

On auction 199.00 Jem and the HOlograms Countess Danielle du Voisin 


GLOSS Convention 2014 Wild Thing Poppy Parker 245.00 or best offer

Victoria's secret empire style vintage gown 14.99

Victoria's secret floral pink chemise with lace trim 9.99 large 

vintage antique Heddon jointed vamp lure with box and printout insert 25.00

I will be listing more items soon, so check my link above! I have some miniature carpets I will be listing too.