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Welcome to Pumpkin Hill Studios, where I create in the smaller side of life, and also sell on Ebay
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New resident in the Pumpkin Patch...

We have a new resident at Pumpkin Hill...meet Annabelle, my french fashion doll, a reproduction 12 inch fashion poupee. She is a reproduction Francois Gaultier mold, on a Seeley body. I have always wanted one of these dolls, ever since I studied about them when I was twleve or thirteen or so. They were so fascinating! These dolls were the original 'Barbie' of the 1850's to the 1890's and the best,  the creme de la creme of these dolls were French.
I loved the book A is for Annabelle by Tasha Tudor, and decided this little beauty by Sylvia Butler of Tarhill Studios would be perfect for my Annabelle. She has such a sweet face, glass eyes, and pearl earrings. I hope to do more sewing for her- as of today I finished her negligee taken and modified from a Gildebrief pattern. I think the simplicity I used on this gown /wrapper was better than what I saw, it accents her face mold more, and compliments the furniture props of Bespaq about her.
We will probably be having more residents come to live at the pumpkin patch, but more on them when they arrive later!