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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Houses...

Hi there. Well the title seems appropriate for a blog called Pumpkin Hill, doesn't it? A little history about pumpkins, seems people have thought of making houses out of them for ages and ages...and I'm a pretty old Brownie.
Anyhow, I was wondering how long it would take Miss Lisa to get out her tools and carve- er, build a pumpkin house. Wren decided she liked 'round' houses but I didn't see how she would fit thru the tiny doors Miss Lisa was using....
She got the idea from this page on Facebook called Flying Fairy Pumpkin house., from the
Urban-Fairies-Fairy-Doors-of-Ann-Arbor facebook page- it is really cool. Miss Lisa got to cutting into this foam pumpkin she had picked up at Michael's with a coupon and decided this would be a 'test' pumpkin...

So far, so good. She stained the doors and windows a dark stain, and planns to use tealights inside of the pumpkin...I know Wren will be disappointed but those doors are small! And it's kind of pokey inside. It really does look like the two eyes and a mouth on the pumpkin.
So my good friend Miranda, from her blog, Miranda Wandering, has a brother Sebastian, who's opening a potion shop. When Miss Lisa wasn't looking, I flew into the spare room in the tub where she kept her miniature magical books she used to make.
Lisa Interrupts here...
Me: Hold on...you did what?
Dixie: Never mind, they love them and want them and they are already mailed.(shakes her hand at me sternly. Upset Brownie....)
Me: Sent what to who and why do they like..???
Dixie: Miranda's brother needs some miniature magical books. You have some and they are just SITTING in that storage bucket losing all their mini magical goodness..I did you a favor. Miss Wendy is happy..
Me:...Oh, so that was what I was just packing outside.
Dixie...hmph, you need to pay attention...

Dixie: Anyways, sorry for the interruption. Lisa can be rather a pain when she thinks things are messed up in the storage containers.
Here are some pics of the books Lisa used to make, and has sent to Sebastion and Miranda..

I couldn't believe Miss Lisa used to make books for fairies, and pirates it appears. But these were just too nice to sit around moldering away...so now they will have a new home at the Treehouse.
All for now-
from Dixie way down South in Virginia