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Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's A Goodereau kind of Christmas....

It's a Goodereau kind of Christmas! On one of my many yahoo groups I belong to, Allbjdswelcome, Paulette Goodereau of Goodereau dolls, was giving away imperfect bjd's from her company for people who wished to redress, or repaint them...wow, what a Christmas present. I have been longing for a doll that I could repaint, and so on the 21st of this year Dottie from the Oz series arrived from Paulette, dressed in her adorable sparkle boots and gingham dress. It wasn't really looking as too great of a Christmas this year due to finances, it has been very tight and stressful this year.  This little lady was a wonderful uplift, and Paulette is tops, a real Christmas angel. I am hoping to make her into an exquisite 18th century lady, maybe her dress will be white like Gracie's...and a poufy white wig restyled in the 18th century style. I love her faceup, and skin tone, which will look like one of the Vigee leBrun paintings from that era.
I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas- and hope to have some pics of the dolls enjoying Christmas morning if I can manage it!

Merry Christmas & Have a Happy New Year!~Lisa

Friday, December 17, 2010

Felicity and Rebecca walk in the snow...

We've had alot of snow here in Virginia, especially on Pumpkin Hill. The dolls were very excited, especially my American Girls. Gracie was busy trying on some new Christmas sweaters I bought her - Christmas ornaments, so she wasn't really interested in going walking in the snow. But Felicity and Rebecca were!

I thought the pics turned out wonderful, especially with the snow against the colorsof their holiday outfits. Enjoy!~Lisa

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dania Zarr Lady In Waiting...

Dania Zarr, Lady in Waiting club doll arrived yesterday, so I pulled out some props to play. She is one of the most striking dolls besides Luchia that I have. The picturesthe W Club sent when we pre ordered did not do this doll justice. Her hair is so gorgeous! Wish I had hair this lovely!
Chair is one of the wingchairs, Red Dragon, that I designed for my shop exclusive (now sold out) for King William miniatures & Collectibles, & manufactured by Bespaq. Mirrors are created & designed by Jim Coates, of Jim Coates Miniatures on Ebay. Floor was a large placemat thingy from Pier 1.
I love this doll! She's probably going to be one of my favorites!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Pumpkin Hill Studios!

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Felicity wishes everyone a plentiful & tasty meal!
The dolls in the OneSixthScaleDollhouse are also have a tasty Thanksgivng meal as well.

And Gracie here is starting her Christmas correspondence, or rather, telling me to get those holiday cards out!

Everyone here at Pumpkin Hill Studios on the Hill is getting ready for Thanksgiving & so are the dolls!

I hope everyone has a safe & Blessed Thanksgiving Day!~Lisa

Monday, October 11, 2010

Felicity's tea table and chairs are here!

Despite some of the warnings I had received on the table and chairs and the condition some board members of American Girl Playthings forum had received them in, I was  delighted when Fedex delivered both her tea gown and the tea table set together. I only ordered because there was a 10% off code until October 3rd, and was really nervous that the tea table and tea gown would sell out quickly. I had already ordered her tea treat s and tea set- the tea set is wonderfully to scale! I am not sure I like the blue on the seats, but it looks good with the miniature carpet I have as a prop. The little picture is from the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller museum gift shop in Williamsburg- you can find these little items in the visitor's center as well. I did not know I would grow attached to the American Girl dolls since they were part buying to use for size comparison for the larger scales of Bespaq, and part a longing that I have always wanted Felicity since buying AManda, my daughter, her American Girl when she was about seven. I had always felt foolish in wanting one, but am glad I bought her now- Felicity is Pre-mattel and she is my favorite- though Rebecca I love as well. I am drawn to the historicals, and many of the members on American GirlPlaythings forum and American Girl Fans have so many cute ideas how they set up scenes for their dolls! It has encouraged me to take time out, and enjoy my collection, which lately I haven't had much time to do.
Here are some other pictures of Felicity and Rebecca, when the tea set arrived- the smaller tea table is from Bespaq, and is a nice lower table for the dolls.

I hope you enjoy the pics, and I will be trying to get some more of the dolls. I have wanted to do a scene with Rebecca in her school outfit, which is next on my scene list to stage. One of the things I have been hoping to work on is a vintage kitchen like Kit's - I have a wolverine stove and refridgerator. I have always wanted Kit, she may be my next one or a Christmas present. I have long wanted to do a 1:3 scale kitchen, and acquire Kit's stove. I collect alot of items in antique stores etc. that are doll sized and half the fun is the hunt. One thing on the American Girl playthings boards that was a god send was the small candle pies for $1 at Michaels our board member posted about- here is Rebecca with some dollar finds at Michaels- pumpkins, candle pies and some adorable jars for tiny canned foods I am going to make-

As you can see, they are perfect AG size- just remove the wick. There were apple, sweet potato, and also pecan pie, but that did not look that realistic as the apple and sweet potato. I hope to post some more awesome finds- especially in my travels and on the hunt for Felicity. One item I wanted but is retired, extremely hard to find, overly priced, is Felicity's sampler and hoop- it is unique. Like many of the other board members, I decided to create my own- again at Michael's look in the dollar section. I found this little cross stitch kit for $1, and the smallest of their hoops which ran about $1.49 and is the exact dimensions of Felicity's hoop in the retired item. Though it doesn't have a stand, I will probably stain it mahogany and create the cross stitch sampler on it for her.

I will probably also create her hornbook, inkwell, and school lesson set as well. I am hoping to acquire her desk, but that will take some planning. Enjoy the pictures of my American Girls!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rebecca takes a walk...

Well, I finally got some photo time to spend with Rebecca this lovely Sunday morning. I found a great spot and her dress and shawl fit in with the fall colors of the fields so well. I am still waiting on Felicity, she has not yet arrived, though her tea treats and tea set have. Hopefully we will be enlarging our adventures. I haven't took more photos of Rebecca simply because of time, I am trying to get all photos taken of her with the Bespaq furniture as this dress looks stunning next to it. Her accessories are wonderful except the fabric of the shawl is somewhat stiff and does not drape well. Hope to have more entries.photos up soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ok, I have caved...new dolls coming home...

Ok, I have caved. I have longed for an American Girl doll since I bought mystepdaughter Amanda, hers when she was just seven or eight, about 7 years ago now. She still has that doll. I had always meant to buy her the historicals, but never got around to it. Guess it is now time for me to have fun!
I purchased a Felicity in the Felicity/Elizabeth Frenzy when it was announced Felicity was going to be retired. Well, I was able to bid and win a Pleasant company Felicity in the prettier meet dress, with her accessories! I am still waiting for her to arrive.
Rebecca is now on her way via QVC. Check out QVC.com for their American Girl packages going up tomorrow, at the 4pm EST show for 2 hours! I went and bought Rebecca who not only comes with her accessories and book, but her school outfit and her lunch set! for 139.97!! This was a deal I couldn't miss, plus the dolls look great with the largest Bespaq furniture in the store. Here  is a pic of a customers' Rebecca when she visited the store yesterday!

So my Rebecca and Felicity will be arriving soon. I hope to share some more photos wth the dolls and the Bespaq, they are so lovely with the furniture.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dixie chick goes for an adventure...

Yeah, it's me again...Dixie Chick brownie here. That's me sitting on the dash of Mr. Chris' van on Monday...and me n' Gracie went for an adventure...at least I call it that. Gracie got her own seat in the back. Miss Lisa said I should sit on the dash so I could see the great view...it was great...

Boy was that sun bright !

Gracie didn't think so..but then, she sat in the back seat of the van...even took that new sock monkey Miss Lisa got her. I like sock monkeys, but he's too big for me to drag around.
As I said, we were going on adventure....to a place called Warsaw, that is near where Miss Lisa & Mr. Chris live. It's far far away in the country.

I eventually ended up riding in the console where the cokes ride, by the cell phones, keys and other human paraphanalia. They have alot of junk they carry!

Yep- the sign REALLY says that. Mr. Chris needed a new truck for his business, LeoPaul & Associates. Mr. Chris works on huge, humongous, ginormous, well, you get the picture ---BIG Boilers (those are the things that give factories their heat ). Well, 'Down Home Truck & Equipment' is where the place was in Warsaw. Mr. Chris had found his truck!

See that big red one, second from the right? Well, that is Mr. Chris' new truck. Miss Lisa is going to take pics of the rest of it. It is big- and has all kinds of marvelous buckets for the tools Mr. Chris carries about with him to work. Big ole dirty greasy tools...oooh. I hate getting dirty.

Gracie just stayed in the back of the van. Party pooper.
Then we went on to another place buying more stuff for Miss Lisa's shop-- some sort of warehouse that she was real excited about.

Liquidation warehouse- Miss Lisa wanted those big gold angel looking things with wings that the red drape was hanging on..but they were so big! We stayed in there forever and forever....at least I stayed in Miss Lisa's purse. She doesn't like to leave me in the car. Again, Gracie stayed in the car...until we went to Walmart....then Gracie got some of hte new LIV girls clothing- bummer! she got a new outfit!

So here is Gracie's new outfit. Pajamas- again! Gracie said she didn't like the fuzzy slippers, they made her feet itch. She doesn't know how much she is going to like this new mouse bjd that is on its way from Denver Doll Emporium, but I am looking forward to meeting her. She is a Dollfactory Bobo 2nd edition. Hopefully she will work in the Mickey Mouse diner that Miss Lisa is collecting all of the Disney Rement for....but she may be Maizie & my new teacher....or the new Doormouse in the Alice in Wonderland diorama Miss Lisa is also collecting for. When she brought Gracie's outfit, there was ANOTHER doll box in the bag...and it looked like one of those big headed Moxie girls dressed as Alice!
Well, that is our adventure...more to come when Miss Lisa gets more time on her hands to take pictures of us!
~ The Dixie Chick brownie