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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Autumn, Candlelight, and a little blogging....

Autumn is coming, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, I was bored one evening so decided to play with the shadows, candlelight and my favorite pumpkins. I even dragged out my Wizard of Oz wicked witch and a little Bespaq table I had aged & customized with spiderwebs...since we have no power, the fireplace mantel was the perfect spot to drag out my candlesticks and candlelabras, and play with 'Elegant' halloween placement.
I took some time when my netbook was re charged (we are running off of generator power from the RV now, until Power returns later this week) and did some re-arrangement of the blog. I've added some artsy art doll and Halloween art links- I will be adding more, these are some of my favorites from Art Dolls only .  I also purchased Stampinton's Art Dolls magazine and have been enthalled with the artistry of some of these dolls- no rhyme or reason, but the art behind the dolls is fascinating and fabulous. I have put a few things on my list to create- one is an art doll, some ornaments, and possibly a marionette &/or a marionette theater. I have been entrhalled with Patricia of The Magical Marionette theater and how they perform, plus create the marionettes. One of the new boxes to the right will feature some links to marionettes, Patricia's blog, and also the Czech Marionettes, which are art forms within themselves. A doll on strings that performs! lol...One of the things that fascinated me as a child was Mr. Roger's puppets, I loved Henrietta and the King, and how he did the different voices, with the train running around the castle and throughout the magical village...So one of my future projects this year will be to create a marionette, possibly from Puppenfimo or paperclay. I am currently working on finishing my art doll- she is made of paperclay, and some halloween pumpkin ornaments, all made of paperclay! Yes, I am creating again, even without power. I seriously think candlelight has been inspiring me- there is something very tranquil about lighting candles, and seeing the light from their soft glow, that sparks my creativity. Also, if you are doll lover as I am, the dolls seem to have their own kind of magical whimsy in candlelight. Tasha Tudor had magnificent art for a reason, and I think it was because of beeswax candles....nutty I know, but hey we're all a little nutty here in the Pumpkin Patch!lol
I hopefully will be posting more photos as I make progress on my doll, and please enjoy the links- I encourage you to browse them!