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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Few private Memories of Dad...

 Above are pics of my dad from the year 1966-1967? I think. Today on August 5th, was my dad's birthday, he would have been 73 today if he were alive. We lost him about two weeks before Christmas in 1969 of  a brain anorism when he was 31. So today, I thought I would take a few moments in remembrance of him, and the fun we had while he was here.Above he is receiving an award of some sort from when he was in the Air Force. With each passing year, I think I miss him more and more, he was one of the most positive and friendliest people you would ever meet.

I know many have seen the picture I have posted of me, at the age of three standing in front of the amazing playhouse. My dad took this picture of me, after being dragged up from his nap on my great-grandmother's front porch when we were visiting for the summer. The playhouse stood beside the house of my great-grandmother's neighbor, whose large North Carolina home was across the street. THe playhouse was originally built for the couple's daughter, who was my mother's age at the time, about 27, and had a family of her own. The playhouse or dollhouse, was built like a real house- it had a replica fireplace, small table and chairs, built in cupboards, windows that opened and closed- the shutters closed as well, and was landscaped like a real house. The funny part about this day is I remember sitting on the front stoops just wanting so badly to go over and play in the dollhouse. I remember once being allowed to go in, it was quite difficult for Dad to get me to come out until he went and got the camera and promised to take my picture. It is one of my fondest memories of him, and his patience with me, and unknowingly, put me on my path to my love of dollhouses, dolls, and most of all, doll furniture and anything in miniature. The most wonderful part of this story is after we came home, my grandfather heard so much about the playhouse that I was presented with my very own playhouse, not as elaborate, but just as wonderful. I think the reason for this is I never stopped talking about the playhouse or dollhouse and my fascination must have bordered on a child's obsession, which led to the wonder of the world of dolls and miniatures. So began my story into Lilliput land, and I guess you could say, it was more than a Kodak moment...it was priceless.
Thank you Dad, and have a Happy Birthday with the Angels , we miss you.