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Welcome to Pumpkin Hill Studios, where I create in the smaller side of life, and also sell on Ebay
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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Antique shopping at Christmas...

I love to antique shop- it has been something I was accustomed to doing my whole life, even as a child- only my parents called it yard salin'  or 'let's go to the flea market', lol...I learned early how to set up displays, and what was a good deal, and so on. Over the years I have 'evolved' and love love love indoor antique malls, They are my 'inspiration' you might say. I just adore it....the displays give me ideas on how to revamp my own items and finds for my own decor as well for my doll dioramas and the doll mansion. lol...

Today Hubby got the wanderlust- finally! And we went to several indoor flea markets and thrift shops, antique stores. It was a cool rainy fall day today and we went to my all time favorite- Through the Garden Gate antiques. It is a combination of dealer booths, shabby chic, jewelry designers, you name it- the old the new, the old revamped. I find great items here occasionally. But enough of that- here is the eye candy! Enjoy!~Lisa

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Scottish Lassies Purse collection

The Scottish Lassies collection is near completion. I need to have  time to sit down and start working on more tote bags and I am waiting on another scottish terrier dog to arrive so I can do two sets- with the purse, tote and dog coat, dog leash with leather collar and handle. This has really been fun to work on. These items will go on sale in my Etsy store Pumpkin Hill Studios when I have more of the purses and tote bags completed. My scottie plaid material is limited, so I will know more on edition sizes when I have all the material made up.
Prices will begin for complete set- purse, tote, and dog leash, collar, and coat $75, small purse with magnetic closures and tassels, lined, braided leather handles,- $25 
Tote bag- snap closure, braided leather handles, -$20
The dog accessories I do not have enough to sell by themselves as a set yet. I would like to offer the dog with the set as the collar and leash and coat are made to fit this resin Scottish terrier. So right now these two will be offered with the complete set of purse and tote bag. When I have more dogs, I can make this as a set by itself without the purse and tote bag. 
~More designs coming soon-~Lisa

Introducing Hitty Darling...

I have been neglecting this blog, which I regret. So much has been going on in my over busy schedule, which is winding down now. October was so busy I was unable to do more than take the pics of the dolls as they arrived. Sadly, some of my 'quirkier' dolls such as my tiny bjd brownies and Hitty Darling have been very neglected. 
I purchased this Hitty over a year and half ago, perhaps 2 years ago. She came unfinished and I did her faceup and stained her limbs. I was actually going for a look of the real Hitty. Lately I have been connecting with other people on Flicker and getting active in the yahoo flicker group Hittygirls to 'get to know my Hitty better, you might say. 
I broke down the other evening and made her a simple dress of gingham, and stole an apron off of my Kirsten mini American Girl doll, and she is beginning to look like she looks as though she is settling in after sitting in the dollhouse.

Hopefully she will be having some adventures and more picture time coming soon....Enjoy the photos!~Lisa