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Monday, August 17, 2015

Becca here...I'm back!

Hi Becca here! Yes I'm back! My mom has been dreadfully busy with other dolls and lots of other stuff. Kit has left us but Felicity and I are still here. 

Good news! I got new glasses! AND a new outfit! My mom has promised to spend more time with me and Felicity and the other 'big' dolls as she refers to us, as she has been creating more and more larger doll foods. Plus, she said she misses us. Here is my new outfit!

 photo IMG_0834_zpslzuzmkwh.jpg

Isn't it cute? She even got me espadrilles! And made me my favorite lunch- HOT DOGS!

 photo IMG_0835_zpsqdemdgej.jpg  photo IMG_0837_zps6rfkhtkp.jpg

I can hardly wait to eat them! She even made me  a toasted cheese bagel with grape soda! Boy am I hungry!

 photo IMG_0840_zpsaymkapj8.jpg  photo IMG_0843_zps2hpvc6jw.jpg

My mom makes great hot dogs, but she must have forgot the mustard and relish. Oh well, I'm so hungry I could eat that and the plate! It's been a real busy morning! 

Going to see what else is in the fridge!

 photo IMG_0847_zpsthgm1ztd.jpg

Wow doesn't look like much except tobasco sauce and some more soda!

 photo IMG_0850_zpsf1ebyjro.jpg

Maybe there's some ice cream in the freezer?

 photo IMG_0851_zpsd1dl5n7i.jpg

Oh wow, my favorites! Cherry Garcia and Chocolate Fudge Brownie! It's simply stuffed with Ben & Jerry's! 

 photo IMG_0834_zpslzuzmkwh.jpg

Well, thanks for stopping by to visit me at lunch time! I'm going to be taking you along on my adventures, and blogging alot more, I promise. Annabelle, Mom's french fashion reproduction doll, for Tasha Tudor's storybook  A is for Annabelle, is going to be here too. So will Felicity, only she's not so comfortable coming out of the 18th century like I am time traveling.  Going to be adding alot more links to the sidebar of other dolls we follow, too. Enjoy!