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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dixie goes exploring...

I have sadly neglected Dixie lately....so I took her with me on a walk at Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens and took some photos. It is a fairytale place, with tons of nooks and crannies that pixies love to build their homes. I keep thinking when I walk there that I will see the Borrowers, or Beatrix Potter's characters, or mice building their little homes in roots of the trees...yeah- very active imagination I have!

These photos were taken on a 100 year old Elm Tree that the Gardens has preserved.

I have an account at Paperback Swap and recently acquired 'Midnight in the Dollhouse' which is a very good book for those that enjoy stories, any story, about dolls and dollhouses. I have quite a collection of books like this, and have enjoyed them all of my life, ever since I was a young kid sitting in front of my dollhouse creating and playing. My good friend Wendy of Norm's Dollhouse has a new blog- Midnight in the Dollhouse and this book is what I think her blog was named for- after she read the book. I saw her post on Facebook and got the book from paperback swap.

Paperback swap is a great place to swap out your old books in good condition, receive credits for books others have posted. You can even print postage from your computer on the site and it has directions for wrapping the books. I have a full bookshelf and am steadily cleaning out books I don't read anymore. I have belonged for a few years now and have found some great books. I have another book when the Dolls Woke and am looking forward to adding it to my dollhouse book collection. 

I will try to take some more pics of the tinies and hope you enjoy exploring Paperbackswap!