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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A gift from Miranda Wandering....

Today we received a gift from Wendy Wylde, from the famous blog of Miranda Wandering .
I was one of the ones chosen for liking the  C&M Coffee page on Facebook., It was quite exciting, and of course Gracie went out to the mailbox and found the package way before Dixie did.....here is Gracie unwrapping the goodies Wendy & Miri sent...

'What have you got there Gracie?'
"It's a present from Miss Wendy, that nice friend of yours near the cool doll store where I came from!! And that little doll named Miranda!!!!W0w!"

                                               'Lisa they even have their own card for their blog!! Why don't WE have a card for Pumpkin Hill Studios??'
                                           " We do Gracie."
                                            shrugs shoulders...'No, not the EBAY store, but the blog ...about US!"
                                              Me laughing..."Oh..."

Dixie immediately clamed the book, the cup, and the cinnamon bun and doughnut...I think Gracie wanted the cinnamon bun, but Dixie was quite for such a little Brownie fairy....she took her loot home to strut in front of the other tinies, and then wished me to come and take pictures....mystified, I followed her to the doll room, where the Pumpkin Hill dollhouse was....they were all in the kitchen with..............their dolls!

Dixie decided since the C & M coffee had had a cool doll meetup, that the tinies of Pumpkin Hill could have one as well. Minuette had her Tigger bear, April Mae had a porcelain jointed doll that was sleeping, Maizie had a tiny Kewpie and so did Wren, only hers was in a small dome, because she did not wish it to be broken. Dixie had one of her Bratz dolls! (I didn't even know she liked Barbie or Bratz, ) and they wished me to take this photo to send to Miri and Miss Wendy.
Have fun with the pics!