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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dixie here.........March news from the Pumpkin Patch...

Hi there. Dixie here. Boy do I have alot of stuff to report on in the Pumpkin Patch here at Pumpkin Hill.........

My co-hort here, Lisa who's in charge of us dolls....well, alot of dolls have left the Pumpkin Patch. Most left by way of Ebay....something about 'needing more room' is what she kept saying. Needless to say, alot of furniture and props us dolls were not using left this way too....

As you can see, I'm reporting on this from on top of the The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse where the fashion doll divas live........sigh. As you can see, their picnic table is on top of the dollhouse, now called the 'terrace' or rooftop patio.....Lisa cleaned off a TON of stuff on the dollhouse, and moved Skipper and Kelly's bedroom diorama to another shelf.
It's quiet up here, considering how much building is going on...I can see my house from here. Duke is here with me too.
Well, the news is the Patch is got a whole bunch of new buildings or 'dioramas' as Lisa calls them, including a whole 'town' or street of shops for these noisy fashion doll divas......seems they kind of like to shop.  The town of Pumpkin Hill now has a 1:6 scale McDonald's restuarant! I went there to sample the food...they are still under construction- need the floor tile laid, etc. but bunches of dolls go there to eat, just like me.

I kind of like it...but I love burgers! and the ice cream too!

As you can see, some of the other dolls do not know what to think of me...especially Grandma Barbie over there...because I'm small and all.

We celebrated Hinamatsuri recently here at the Patch, here is our set in the Japanese room. Miss Happiness loves setting up the scene. We also had tea for the tea ceremony. Miss Happiness taught me all about tea, the dolls and more. It was fun.
But back to the town...Here are some shots of me in front of the shop front that is going to be a cafe...

As you can see, ALOT of building in 1:6 scale has been going on, and these divas are just loving it! They are talking about a boutique that is coming soon where that brick wall is...construction is still going on...the worker dolls start EARLY in the morning, I usually get up when the contractors get up here...

Here is a shot of what the town looks like.....so far. From the rooftop terrace.
Well, more later after I finish my burger! Thank you for following my Facebook page!
Siging off down South, Dixie