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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Introducing Grace..Soulkid Katie A. bjd...

Well, she arrived on December 17, 2009 at about 2pm in the afternoon via UPS. I could hardly wait to get home to open her box, but sadly, couldn't play with her much as I had to go out for that evening. Next morning I purchased some clothing made for the 18 inch BKC Ink dolls you see at walmart, it fit her great, was cheap, and now my poor doll wasn't nekkid anymore. lol.

For a long time, I knew I wanted a bjd, but never really got it as to why some people were so obsessed or into the hobby so heavily...but when I opened her box, I knew. She has such a peaceful and serene look on her face sculpt. Surprisingly, I had thought I would just keep the name Katie, but looking at her out of the box, I knew she needed another name. In fact, she made it quite clear her name was 'Grace', she liked to read, and also liked horses, and would I please get her some suitable clothing? It was cold here. She was very happy to discover we lived near Williamsburg, as she preferred 18th century dress/fashions to modern dress, but would graciously humor me if I wished her to wear 'that modern' stuff....Talk about opinionated dolls!

Saturday it snowed, and snowed, and snowed until I thought there was nothing but white stuff that would float from the sky forever. (Did I make mention of the fact I hate the cold and snow?? Typical southerner...lol.) Since I was cooped up in the house, I took out the april 2008 arcadia haute doll pattern I had had enlarged, and started working on her dress. With a little modification to the skirt, it came out looking like I wished, and not bad for a first try, if I do say so myself....
I have some pics here of the finished gown, which is in two pieces. The bodice laces up the back with pink ribbon and the skirt ties with ribbon sashes also. I used white muslin, sheer eyelet and the picot tassel trim on the bodice- I have some more I think I will add to the skirt's hem. I restyled her wig to have her hair pulled back so it doesn't look like she just rolled out of the box..lol. I need to make a little bonnet, or headdress or hair ornament for this dress, and add some jewelry to complete that Trianon look I was going for. I still have to make her stocking s and her panteletts, and maybe a petticoat also. I will probably have her shoes made to match by one of the bjd shoe people who make such great shoes..
all for now-

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Soulkid Katie A. Shipped & on her way to Pumpkin Hill!

Well, my Soulkid Katie is on her way home to Pumpkin Hill! Denver Doll Emporium sent the UPS ship notice, and I can hardly wait. Right now her tracking notice from UPS says she is in Commerce City and should be here by the 17th!!I have already purchased two pairs of shoes, a pair of sneakers and a pair of Mary Janes in black.

Another thing I have been undecided on is the name for this doll, I have come to think of her as 'Katie' and might just add another moniker onto it- Katie for some reason always makes me think of Scarlett from Gone with the Wind whose full name was Katie Scarlett in the book...another name I have thought of is Lucy, LucyBell, and even Charlotte. So I am still undecided on her name, and might just go with Katie Scarlett since that is the favorite character from my favorite movie, and it sounds like it has a good ring to it...
I am already decided on my next doll, I had thought of the Dollzone Violetta, but have decided that is not the SD I want; I may go with a DZ Clovera. Violetta has a beautiful face, but there is something about her mouth that is odd, and I probably would not like her face sculpt after a while....I also like the Volks SD's too, and Souldoll SD's, which I may veer off to, or DIM (Doll in Mind).
I am looking at the ready made clothing for other dolls, and am hoping that the new BKC Ink dolls that are slimbodied and 18 inches may work for MSD's, someone on Den of Angels said that the clothing would with a little alterations. The clothing sets cost only $15 so I may go ahead and invest in some once she arrives, until I can get the clothing sets I want for her...I just do not want to buy something that will not fit well.
I am already thinking of my next bjd purchase simply because of the characters and storylines I would like to write. I have been thinking of one where Katie is the descendant of her French grandmother, which would be the same doll dressed in different wigs and period clothing....and which the modern furniture of American Girl and my line of Bespaq would fit. The other dolls would also carry the same storyline with their characters as well. Originally I thought to make this doll the daughter of the SD I want to acquire, but was thinking making them sisters might be more interesting. So I am thinking that would be really cute also, to create a schoolroom, which is another thing /diorama I would like to do, with maybe an SD dressed as a nun, for a Catholic young ladies' finishing school/academy scene.
I would really like Pipos cheese mouse, and a Puki Puki Sugar or Mary, for the dollhouses, and also to carry about to Photograph. So many wants and not enough time to collect- lol. I keep a journal of notes and storyline/diorama ideas for the larger dolls, and what dolls I would like to acquire for that...I have found the larger dolls so much fun to collect and create for.
Hopefully, I can get my MSD a costume from Arcadia dolls, I am thinking of the Regency outfit.
She will be here soon, so can hardly wait to take pics of the box opening!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Soulkid Katie A. coming home soon...

Well, it has been long since I posted on this blog- was amazed. But the final payment at Denver Doll has been made today- and w00-hoo! My Soulkid Katie A. is going to hopefully be on her way home....
This poor doll will not have any clothes unless I get hopping. I have bought a pair of sneakers for her, but am going to experiment with Bkc ink kids clothing on her- someone on Den of Angels said this clothing will work, and it will be nice to have something she can wear. I really want to dress her in 18th century clothing, but will have to wait, as Arcadia dolls is not taking orders just yet....
Another thing my Katie needs is a name, I am thinking of keeping Katie as her name as that is how I have come to think of her...maybe Katie Scarlett, like Scarlett from gone with the wind?? I really need to get her some period clothing if possible, to make her look at home with the furniture.
Will post pics of the box opening when she arrives!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

American Girl Kirsten to be archived soon....

As many might not know, American Girl or Pleasant Company, was recently bought out by Mattel. As usual when Mattel takes over a quality company, they make changes not for the best. I could have kicked myself for not purchasing Samantha long ago and some of her cool accessories, (especially now that I'm into MSD & SD sized BJD's, and have one darling arriving soon.) I was surprised and pleased when they came out with a new historical character, Rebecca, but was really surprised that they will now be archiving or doing away with Kirsten, who is one of the original ones. I felt for sure that it would be Felicity, the little Colonial girl, and her friend Elizabeth. Kirsten's accessories are not as intricate as Felicity's are. I have thought of buying Kirsten before I buy Felicity (I have always wanted one for myself since I bought my daughter Amanda her American Girl years ago, but felt that I shouldn't somehow want a doll (yes, go figure..my doll /dollhouse room is now being revamped to accomadate the new dolls and their Bespaq furniture,lol.) So currently it is a struggle, as Kirsten would make a great Laura Ingalls, and the Little House are still my very favorite books that I loved reading as a child, and even today as an adult. Currently if you go to the Dr. Phil show, Chrissa the current doll of the year, has free shipping from an add on his website until October 6th. I have also thought of getting a Chrissa, but like her accessories more than her. lol. Especially the little sewing machine table, that is so cute.

Alas, I have so many plans for the doll room, as my BJD's will be dressed in historical dress and some of the AG accessories are perfect for this. I wanted Felicity mainly because of the colonial dress, (I want to create a court and have the smaller dolls go to Finishing School, like the academies and young ladies' academies that were so popular in the 18th & 19th century.) I already have figured out who will create the clothing for the dolls and Felicity and Elizabeth would be perfect friends for my little MSD Soulkid coming soon from DenverDollEmporium.

Currently I am trolling Ebay for some of Samantha's accessories, like her Scenes and Settings book, retired, and her school desk- which I will probably need two or three of for the dolls. Felicity's school desk is nice, but I like Samantha's more, it looks more like a schoolhouse, & also more room for the tiny books, pencils, and slates needed for finishing school cuteness. Much of my grandiose plans for the dollroom are just that right now, since I have loads of clearing out of scrapbooking supplies, craft items, you name it in the dollhouse display room that is taking up space. Who knew that doll boxes and containers could take up so much space- that could be used for dolly headquarters?? I would like to paint the room and clear out alot of the useless items that I've accumulated over the years, such as fabric, etc. I am thinking of making some of it into lots so I can accumulate dolly money for the SD sized doll I want, and Felicity. lol. & their overly expensive taste in furniture....

Tori & BigAmandaDoll are still at the shop today; Tori was sadly disappointed we will not be able to go shopping in Williamsburg to shop for Christmas decorations, however, I need to make more lists about what dolls and dollhouses need trees, lights, and action.lol..

Will post more later, when I have some updates...and hopefully Felicity will be coming home around the time my BJD Soulkid will be arriving

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tori's Day....& we Meet 'Murphy'....

Well, as promised Tori went home from the shop on Saturday, to stay home and get ready for our big trip on Williamsburg. However, on Sunday, someone called 'Murphy' showed up- (Murphy's law- if it can go wrong- it will!lol) and hubby Chris (Dad Chris to the dolls) found something wrong with the tire on the van.

Coming from the shop after wrapping up a few packages ready to ship, I found Tori in the van, excited about the Williamsburg trip. Even strapped into the seat with her seatbelt...
Tori: I'm ready to go Miss Lisa!

Me: Uh, Tori, we can't go to Williamsburg today sweetie...

Tori: why not? You promised!

Me:.....well, you know on Sunday Dad Chris found something wron gwith the tire...

Tori: ....so, get it fixed!

Me: well, we're going to, that might take up alot of time today.

Tori: oh. ok.

Long Silence............................

Tori: will we go to Williamsburg after that?

Me:....er, probably not. But I can take pictures of you at home, and we'll have a nice afternoon.

Tori: ok. Will we be able to go next Monday?

Me: I hope so, I really wanted to go today. But there's some good news-

Tori: what?

Me: well, dad Chris will fix my market basket, and you won't have to ride in the tote bag!

Tori: the one with wheels that looks so like we're shopping in Paris?

Me: ....where did you hear that? well, I suppose it does look like those baskets they shop with over there....but it will be more convenient, instead of riding in the tote bag with all my gear!

Tori: Cool!
Well onward home we went after visiting the mechanic, and going to the store. Tori was fascinated with our black kitties, but June Bug (aka Big Man) wasn't as excited about the photo shoot as Tori was, neither was our other black kittie, Sweetie Pie, who would not post for pictures.

After visiting with the cats, Tori surveyed damage that had happened today with some windy weather- a tree branch fell off in the driveway.

Tori: it's good that the van wasn't parked there today Miss Lisa, then we wouldn't be able to go at all to Williamsburg!

Me: That's right. But I had fun spending some time with you, just us.

Tori: I did too. But I really wanted one of those hats.

And so ends our day, not very fun or eventful with the tree branch falling, and visiting the mechanic- ugh. But it was fun to have dolly time, and some adventures.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

About the Pumpkin Patch.....

Well, this is the first post of my blog about my dollies, and their lives down in the Pumpkin Patch at Pumpkin Hill.. I had been thinking of creating this blog for a while now, since we have so many new additions to the dolly family and the veritable village of dollhouses we have. While working on unloading some boxes at our shop, King WIlliam Miniatures, my main two co-conspirators, BigAmandaDoll (Kmart doll found many years ago, and yes, her name says Amanda on her stand.) & Miss Tori, (a My Twinn doll that was made to look like my daughter Amanda when she was small) were outside whispering together when I asked them what they were doing outside during shop hours! (a big no-no for the dollies who live at the shop......but they have minds of their own....)

.jpg" />

Me: Ok you two, what are you doing outside the shop? You know the rules....BigAmandaDoll, did you know you have a glittery blue butterfly on your arm?

BigAmandaDoll: Yes, Miss Lisa we wanted to help with your new blog...

Me: My 'NEW' blog?? What do you mean, new blog? We already have three, or four, I think...

BigAmandaDoll: The one you said you were going to write about US. And the new dolly that is coming when she gets out of layaway. You Promised!

Me:....I did?

BigAmandaDoll: Yes you did. Now don't try to get out of it. We thought you could take pictures of us and Tori!! Stop playing with the butterfly on my sleeve!

Tori: I want to play with it, it is sparkl-ey....(giggles)

BigAmandaDoll: Look, we will help you. You already have some great photos, and I know you're hoarding stuff to do stories with us. Besides, we make those little fashion dolls in the OneSixthScaleDollhouse ( http://theonesixthscaledollhouse.blogspot.com/ ) Behave! You can't imagine the goings on in that villa since you have those new dollies that arrived in there!

Me: I know BigAmandaDoll, and thank you for er, controlling those problems for me. They are quiet when I'm here.

BigAmandaDoll: hmph. THAT'S what you think.....those fashion dolls have waaaaaaay too many parties, you need to do something about it.

Me: ok, ok. So you're going to help with the first post right? What is the purpose of the blog?

BigAmandaDoll & Tori: (saying together!) It's about us, of course, and the other dollies you have in the Pumpkin Patch...

Me: Well, you're right. It is...so I guess we will have to start posting some new photos until the new dolly arrives, right?

Tori: You promised to take me to Williamsburg with you!

Me: Ok, Tori, I will. That will be a fun trip, and then we can show all of the other dollies out there what fun you had!


After this conversation with my two blog helpers, I decided to speak to the 'main' doll that oversees the running of the shop, Miss Minnie. Miss Minnie is a 40 inch Porcelain doll, who loves tea, old photos, lace, ribbons, and extravagant feathered hats. We like alot of the same things. lol.

Miss Minnie was having tea as usual.
Me: Hello Minnie! How is the tea this morning?
Miss Minnie: Wonderful. Did those two little conspirators inform you about the blog?
Me: (surprised) well, yes they did. And you are in agreement?
Miss Minnie: Darling, of course. You do so much with us, and now you are planning on having more of us arrive, and that lovely little bjd is coming to reside with us too. You've been running yourself ragged getting the doll room at home ready for everyone. This way we can connect with other doll families on the internet. And really, Tori needs to get out of the shop. She keeps pestering the fashion dolls in the villa by knocking on the windows, & ...(lowers voice to a whisper...) they don't like it!

Me: They don't? They've never complained...I didn't know Tori did that!
Miss Minnie: (leans closer so she won't be heard) You NEVER heard it from me, but I have told her that the fashion doll set is a ...little touchy.
Me: I see, well I will do something about it. Tori can visit Williamsburg with me when we go soon...we need some new pics.
Miss Minnie: She needs a distraction dear, & pardon me, but BigAmandaDoll needs a rest & a little time to herself. Tori is so very active! She & I & Molly can take tea together. This darling little American Girl doll is so quiet, and she loves tea, so well mannered....
Me: Molly is visiting Miss Minnie...
Miss Minnie: She is? She isn't going to stay???
Me: probably not, one of my customers Veronica, who helped me find the little BJD that is coming to live with us, lets her stay here.
Miss Minnie: By the way, I knew you wanted to get an American Girl doll, why hasn't she arrived yet?
Me: Well, you see....room...
Miss Minnie: Don't kid yourself. I have seen you cruising Ebay and the AG site...
Me: Minnie!
Miss Minnie: What?? Run along now, my tea is getting cold....

So there ends my conversation with some of the dollies who live here, and now it looks like Tori will be going to Williamsburg to visit. I hope to post more of the dollies here on the Pumpkin Patch, and their stories..........