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Saturday, September 26, 2009

About the Pumpkin Patch.....

Well, this is the first post of my blog about my dollies, and their lives down in the Pumpkin Patch at Pumpkin Hill.. I had been thinking of creating this blog for a while now, since we have so many new additions to the dolly family and the veritable village of dollhouses we have. While working on unloading some boxes at our shop, King WIlliam Miniatures, my main two co-conspirators, BigAmandaDoll (Kmart doll found many years ago, and yes, her name says Amanda on her stand.) & Miss Tori, (a My Twinn doll that was made to look like my daughter Amanda when she was small) were outside whispering together when I asked them what they were doing outside during shop hours! (a big no-no for the dollies who live at the shop......but they have minds of their own....)

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Me: Ok you two, what are you doing outside the shop? You know the rules....BigAmandaDoll, did you know you have a glittery blue butterfly on your arm?

BigAmandaDoll: Yes, Miss Lisa we wanted to help with your new blog...

Me: My 'NEW' blog?? What do you mean, new blog? We already have three, or four, I think...

BigAmandaDoll: The one you said you were going to write about US. And the new dolly that is coming when she gets out of layaway. You Promised!

Me:....I did?

BigAmandaDoll: Yes you did. Now don't try to get out of it. We thought you could take pictures of us and Tori!! Stop playing with the butterfly on my sleeve!

Tori: I want to play with it, it is sparkl-ey....(giggles)

BigAmandaDoll: Look, we will help you. You already have some great photos, and I know you're hoarding stuff to do stories with us. Besides, we make those little fashion dolls in the OneSixthScaleDollhouse ( http://theonesixthscaledollhouse.blogspot.com/ ) Behave! You can't imagine the goings on in that villa since you have those new dollies that arrived in there!

Me: I know BigAmandaDoll, and thank you for er, controlling those problems for me. They are quiet when I'm here.

BigAmandaDoll: hmph. THAT'S what you think.....those fashion dolls have waaaaaaay too many parties, you need to do something about it.

Me: ok, ok. So you're going to help with the first post right? What is the purpose of the blog?

BigAmandaDoll & Tori: (saying together!) It's about us, of course, and the other dollies you have in the Pumpkin Patch...

Me: Well, you're right. It is...so I guess we will have to start posting some new photos until the new dolly arrives, right?

Tori: You promised to take me to Williamsburg with you!

Me: Ok, Tori, I will. That will be a fun trip, and then we can show all of the other dollies out there what fun you had!


After this conversation with my two blog helpers, I decided to speak to the 'main' doll that oversees the running of the shop, Miss Minnie. Miss Minnie is a 40 inch Porcelain doll, who loves tea, old photos, lace, ribbons, and extravagant feathered hats. We like alot of the same things. lol.

Miss Minnie was having tea as usual.
Me: Hello Minnie! How is the tea this morning?
Miss Minnie: Wonderful. Did those two little conspirators inform you about the blog?
Me: (surprised) well, yes they did. And you are in agreement?
Miss Minnie: Darling, of course. You do so much with us, and now you are planning on having more of us arrive, and that lovely little bjd is coming to reside with us too. You've been running yourself ragged getting the doll room at home ready for everyone. This way we can connect with other doll families on the internet. And really, Tori needs to get out of the shop. She keeps pestering the fashion dolls in the villa by knocking on the windows, & ...(lowers voice to a whisper...) they don't like it!

Me: They don't? They've never complained...I didn't know Tori did that!
Miss Minnie: (leans closer so she won't be heard) You NEVER heard it from me, but I have told her that the fashion doll set is a ...little touchy.
Me: I see, well I will do something about it. Tori can visit Williamsburg with me when we go soon...we need some new pics.
Miss Minnie: She needs a distraction dear, & pardon me, but BigAmandaDoll needs a rest & a little time to herself. Tori is so very active! She & I & Molly can take tea together. This darling little American Girl doll is so quiet, and she loves tea, so well mannered....
Me: Molly is visiting Miss Minnie...
Miss Minnie: She is? She isn't going to stay???
Me: probably not, one of my customers Veronica, who helped me find the little BJD that is coming to live with us, lets her stay here.
Miss Minnie: By the way, I knew you wanted to get an American Girl doll, why hasn't she arrived yet?
Me: Well, you see....room...
Miss Minnie: Don't kid yourself. I have seen you cruising Ebay and the AG site...
Me: Minnie!
Miss Minnie: What?? Run along now, my tea is getting cold....

So there ends my conversation with some of the dollies who live here, and now it looks like Tori will be going to Williamsburg to visit. I hope to post more of the dollies here on the Pumpkin Patch, and their stories..........