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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dixie chick likes to blog...

Hi. My name is Dixie...I'm the chick that is gonna get this blog done.
Gracie hasn't been doing that great of a job. Miss Lisa lets her blog and stuff, but she just wants to play games on her computer and talk to other dolls on Facebook... since I'm a brownie, and like to help, well, guess it's up to me to get this blog straight...
Living here with the other dolls in the one sixth scale dollhouse isn't all that fun- they are divas, and treat me like a little girl! I'm almost a hundred! So I told Miss Lisa she would have to finish a house for me... & Maizie. Maizie is my sidekick, she isn't doing so well. She's a little blind right now because she needs eyes......now that I have a laptop, I might order them myself. What's a Dixie chick without a sidekick?? Hey, that rhymes....

This here is my bear, who I never leave home without- Mr. Ted is his name. Mr. Ted lets me know what is going down in the pumpkin patch- especially with those party 1:6 scale divas- that is one rowdy dollhouse!



Dixie: How is it going in the Patch, Mr. Ted
Mr. Ted (squeaky voice) AOK Dixie. Some more of those diva dolls arrived, related to Barbie.
Dixie: Hmph....another one!
Mr Ted: but this one is nice- and she was never reproduced! And she comes with neat stuff!
Dixie- hmm, what kind of stuff?
Mr Ted : well she has something they called it a recorder player, record player- those antique things they listed to the cd's on before cd's were made.
Dixie- Mr Ted, that doesn't make sense. Ok, so she's one of those dolls that's been made again, right?
Mr Ted- RIGHT!



mR. Ted: well Dixie, I guess you better get bloggin. Lotsa news in the Pumpkin Patch. Are you going to Mass tomorrow with Miss Lisa & Mr. Chris?
Dixie : you know I do- I go EVERYWHERE with her. And Mr. Chris too. Didn't you see the pictures of us at Martins?
Mr. Ted: No, you didn't take me then. And I could have found some neat stuff in Miss Lisa's purse for you, she has so much stuff in that purse!
Dixie: I know, but we'll get that straight. She got me this new dress and shoes- you like?
Mr. Ted: Pink is your color. Maizie looks great in red and yellow.
Dixie: hmph. That was MY dress, Mr. Ted.


So I begin to record all of the happenings of the past few days on this mini laptop from one of hte diva dolls...

Living in the Pumpkin Patch has been lots of fun...never boring in a house full of dolls and dollhouses, and then we come to work to the dollhouse shop !



Well, I have alot more to write and blog..and uploading pics on this cheap plastic diva laptop isn't fun. I have to order Maizie's eyes, or will have to swipe a seeing eye dog for a Brownie! and Miss Lisa is saying it's almost closing time, so time to clean up and close up for the day...
Signing off- DIXIE

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More new dolls, and scrapbook thoughts...

I have received my arrival from the Barbiecollector.com sale- and I need to buy more...with free shipping and the extra $20 reward, I estimate I saved about $60-70 dollars. I purchased repro Malibu barbie that comes with Lemon Twist outfit- Generation of Dreams Barbie for $15, Barbie Stila jewel secrets Makeup set, (so I can look like Barbie...lol) and also Grease's Sandy for her outfit (the doll is already traded for Kelly Fashion Avenue outfits for Mazie and Dixie, my two little Felix Brownie bjd's) and her dress will be put on one of my Poppy Parkers fromt eh W club...also, last but not least, Becky! This set is awesome to the fullest, and who can beat the $35 price tag for her?? Now I need to find my 70's foldable Barbie house, she will look great in it in all that neon 70's retro look.

I have also been looking at going back to Scrapbooking again, and with Michael's sale on this beautiful album, I couldn't resist. I also picked up some lovely papers that can be used as backdrops too for the tinies. Also a couple of extras that were on sale, chipboard embellishments and also some cute notepad ready mades for frames and tags. I love this album- for 7.99 you can't beat a ready made album with pages, especially if you are limited on creative time like myself. With building dollhouses, and refurbishing them- I currently have three that I'm working on for the shop, plus touchups on my own dollhouses in my collection for use as displays in the shop windows.
Shown above are some pictures I had time to take yesterday afternoon before closing shop- I love my Rement and wish I could get more, especially to carry in the shop. I played with my two tinies Maizie and Dixie, & brought out some of my Fun Meal set. Chris got the chain off of the Fisher Price bean popper toy for Dixie (this was purchased at Target as a keychain- the thing looks like the real ones we had as kids, and really pops!) More later on the dolls!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Felix Brownie BJD arrival Today!

Felix Brownies have arrived! In February, I had ordered a Calix brownie full set from Ajumapama USA with the free head event. I had always wanted a tiny, to put into my dollhouses, and use with my Rement. This makes the obsession worse, with a free head, which also prompted me to buy a body for the head, so I would have TWO brownies instead of one...They came in the most adorable blue striped box with blue ribbons, and I even got an extra little dress as well!

Calix is adorable, I had ordered an extra wig but forgot to get Mae some eyes. Gracie needs a new wig so probably will be ordering both soon. I stripped one of my Kellies for her shoes and dress, the dress is off of a McDonald's Kelly that I got on Ebay, the shoes fit the Brownies perfectly. I haven't yet decided on Calix's new name, as she has got plenty of 'Tude and lets me know I'm her new buddy...so i think she will be dragged around in my purse ....alot! Enjoy the pics. ~Lisa