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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Exploring the World One Century at a Time...

Hi everyone.. Becca2012 here. I thought today since I had so many inquiries, I would explain more about my travels in time, and the research and study that goes into traveling into the past to explore. It isn't all about playing dress up in pretty outfits, (though I admit I do enjoy that part, since I am partial to petticoats and corsets..lol) Right now I am finishing up some correspondence with other members of The Society of Clock-Watchers in Extrodinary Times that Marigold Finch, our postal system courtesy of Finch Express. It is how the dolls here at the 'Patch on Pumpkin Hill have their correspondence delivered. Marigold is a tiny finch, and she and her helper Wren, a small pixie, sort our mail. She is especially helpful to me since I have so many packages and letters that are usually urgent. I am finishing up some entries in my travel diary, and am beginning to prepare for my research to time travel to another era.
The next era I am thinking of is the Colonial era, and Felicity Merriman has been helpful in this aspect. You see, I must have some sort of doll contact so I won't seem er, out of place when I suddenly appear. So it is important in my explorations.
I thought today I would explain some of my tools I use, here in the time traveler library/parlor of sorts. I like to sit by the fireplace and do my research and studies of other eras in solitude...
I have some of the items I am preparing for my Colonial trip here on the table. It is important when time traveling with my tools and other items that they fit into the time I am traveling to...nothing must be out of place, since it is important to blend in....

Currently, I have gathered my basket together. This will be more fitting than my messenger bag or purse...These books will probably not go, except for the one on birds and wildlife, as I would like to study the species of Felicity's time and place, so hence the book on birds of prey such as hawks, peregrines, etc. I understand they used to hunt with birds, and this is an interesting thing I would like to attend in that time.

Within my basket you will notice some long cylindrical glass bottles with corks. Ah, these are literally, my time messages in a bottle. I will use these to communicate with Felicity in certain spots where her birdbottle was, as well as my letters of recommendation which will be helpful on introductions in that time period. The long cylinders bottles are extremely useful and small.

You will notice a large assortment of various bottles and baskets of letters, and my travel journal books as well. I take many specimans when I go to other times, of plants and other items. Of course, as I spoke before, I also take small bottles with emergency potions to allow me to shrink and grow in times when I MUST disappear quickly without causing a disturbance. The Society of Clock-Watchers in Extrodinary Times has VERY strict rules regarding this....

As you can see, before I even think of going to another time, much work and research goes into deciding if it would be safe and possible.
In my Time Chamber, I frequently consult the globe to pinpoint the place where I would like to travel to. Exact navigational coordinates are so important! For instance, I don't want to end up in Kansas when Williamsburg , Va is my destination!

I'd like to thank you for visiting me and being so interested in my work and explorations! More to come as I prepare for my next journey into time!