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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Miss Ashton at her correspondence

Now that Miss Ashton is home, and settling back in, she decided after the first part of the surprise lesson to attend to her correspondence  since arriving from her trip to Paris & England, where she traveled with her dearest friend from her school finishing days, Penelope.  Penelope lives in England, so Finch Express was busily sorting the letters as that correspondence needed attending to quickly.

Miss Ashton's study is one of her favorite places at the Academy, and only occasionally does she invite anyone in- so after picking some pear blossom for her favorite vase from Egypt, she settled down toread Penelope's letter and write her own reply, as Marigold Finch of Finch Express was waiting to send it.

Here is Penelope's letter to Miss Ashton-
March 28, 2011
Dearest Ashton-
Your visit sparked so many memories of our good times as young girls at Mademoiselle's! Do yu remember the tea where you spilt tea on his Lordship of Bath, & he asked you to the ball??I applaud your efforts of introducing to your pupils to the finer literature with one overall lesson- Mademoiselle would be proud! Yes, my dear mother has been under the weather recently. She is a terrible trial sometimes, my dear Ashton, but Mother can be SO trying. I foresee dearest Mother living with William & I, though William does not object, I know it is trying his patience.I would love to visit but I do not know when a steamer will be leaving. William may have to travel to London for his business. I cannot leave Mother at this time with her illness. I am hoping my sister, Ellen can stay with her if I decide to travel to see you. As to your newest pupil Dorothea, dearest Ashton, do not rush. Better to let the other girls welcome her in and draw her into conversations. Remember that girl at Mademoiselle's? She let her settle in on her own- she was so shy- just like your Dorothea. I must end my letter, regretfully dearest Ashton. All my love & friendship-   Peneleop

Miss Ashton thought a moment before picking up her pen to reply. She noticed Marigold sitting on the letter tray. "Thank you Marigold for getting this letter to me so quickly, you do not know how much it means to me to hear from my dearest Penelope. "  Marigold squeaked " Of course I do dear. Take your time writing your reply- it will go via Carrier pigeon tomorrow at the central drop off point in Pumpkin Hill'. "Thank you Marigold!" said Miss Ashton, and she began to write.

Here is Miss Ashton's letter for Penelope in England-

April 4, 2011

Dearest Penelope-

I have arrived safely home and it was such a surprise for the girls! Becky, one of my pupils, was so happy to see me- it brought a tear to my eye! I had thought of myself as just their teacher, but I am so much more, and it makes my heart glad. I must tell you, dear Penelope that with April coming I have planned my spring plantings and also the lessons for the girls. How is your dear Mother? You had mentioned whilst we were in Paris that she had some health problems. Please let me knowif there is anythinbg I can do.  Thank you for sending my items from your home. I had left, I am such a goose for forgetting! My lessons are based this month & revolve around the Easter story & traditions, the coming of Spring, and all the lessons will encompass biology, history, grammar, arithmetic, and of course, the Easter Bible story as well. Thank you dearest Penny, for your very sound advice as to how to help my newest and dearest pupil, Dorothea, she is so very shy. I look forward to your reply! All my love & friendship- ~ Ashton Brown

After Miss Ashton had finished the letter, she was thoughtful. The rest off the surprise lesson would be with the rest of the ways, and she was thinking of how to draw Dorothea out ofher shell and to participate with the other girls in the lesson. Miss Ashton sighed- Penelope was right, Mademoiselle seemed to handle these little trials so much better than she herself did now.

Sighing regretfully, she stood up and blew out the candles on her desk. "Well, back to work. Thank you again, Marigold" and she left the room.

* I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Miss Ashton a little better, and also her refelective nature. Stay tuned for more on the surprise lesson which Miss Ashton has gone to work on preparing, as well as attending to her garden- it is too pretty to be inside, so she says today. To keep you enjoying this storyline today- here are some more pictures of Miss Ashton's study & her desk*
~ Lisa

The top of Miss Ashton's desk and pictures. The portait of her grandmother hangs above her desk. Pictures of the Madonna & Baby Jesus, and the Apostles also hang over her desk. The candlessticks are brass candlesticks, which sit on the candlestands.  Marigold delivers the correspondence on her silver letter platter on top of her desk. The beloved vase she brought from her travels in Egypt is filled with pear blossom.

The interior of Miss Ashton's desk, and her letter to Penelope, just written today. A few more letters are put into the cubby holes, and extra stationary awaits more correspondence.
I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of Miss Ashton's study!