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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Dolls at Maymont Park...

Random Picture of the day: Miss Ashton bakes a Pie!
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With the blog of the dolls and their activities, I have took a great idea from one of my all time favorite dolly links- Our Dolls the residents of Pleasantville, and am going to be posting a random picture, and also a random link if possible here at the beginning of each post. This will encourage everyone to go thru the blog posts and enjoy more of the lives of the dolls who live here at the 'Patch on Pumpkin Hill.
The bjd's attended a meetup at Maymont Park, here in Richmond, Va on Saturday. Lots of things were going on in the city that day- a Susan G. Komen walk for breast cancer, an Asian food festival, and more. Gracie, April Mae, Dixie, and Wren all attended and we met up with the other members of Den of Angels bjd forum where the meetup was planned in the Japanese gardens. Please enjoy the pics!

Some of the girls brought their bjd's and lots of food!

Gracie on a rock near the pond, where the carp were swimming about. Behind her was where the meetup group had its picnic.


All too soon, we had to leave. It was quite a walk back up the hill.
This was the bottom of the fountain with steps on each side, up to the Italian gardens.

These are pictures of some of the fountains and the Italian gardens at Maymont Park. Maymont was once the estate of the Dooleys, who also owned Swannanoa in the mountains. Maymont was decorated with swans, as Mrs. Dooley used swans to decorate the home here in Richmond for the winter--even to having a Swan bed and vanity made! They also donated funds for St., Joseph's Villa. a home that exists for handicapped children, and orphans. I hope to visit Maymont again and take more pictures.

Gracie really enjoyed meeting the other dolls, and is wanting to go back for more visits....


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