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Friday, November 4, 2011

First day of school......

The Tinies of Pumpkin Hill began their first day of 'official' school with their new Professor, Wallace. After he had settled in and got to know his students, Wallace felt quite at ease, and quickly interested the most unalert brownie fairies and entreprenuer mice in literature. Dixie being the official tiny blogger of the Patch, she wasn't sure she was going to like homework, but surprisingly, found she liked it.

As you can see, Wallace provided alot of composition notebooks for essay writing and lots of research books on birds, as he thought it would interest the tinies to study about birds, since their postal carrier, Marigold Finch, is a small bird with pretty amazing sorting abilities. Wallace explained a little bit about their study program, and rules and so forth.
More pictures soon, as the new school gains more students!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Tiny arrival- Professor Wallace

A new tiny has arrived at the Patch at Pumpkin Hill....Professor Wallace. Wallace is a learned and educated bear, or the polar region. Wallace also has the distinction of coming from our friends at the
Wylde Bunch from the Treehouse.
The tinies are quite suspicious, as they are not exactly the most studious of dolls, but since Gracie goes to Pumpkin Hill Academy with Miss Ashton, Lisa felt that the tinies needed a school as well...Wallace is kind of cool, he had bought all of us notebooks, and met us all in the parlor of the dollhouse. He liked the dollhouse, and was quite cordial to everyone for a teacher.

He had a fancy smancy briefcase, we were expecting someone stiff and stuffy, but he was quite funny and told us lots of stories of our friends at the Treehouse, and Miss Wendy, who we've all just been dying to meet, and Miranda too. He also said that we would have fun with some new books he had brought for us to read together. Turns out Wallace is really smart, and not your usual run of teacher/professor. He's pretty cool. After settling in, he asked to see the school, and prepare for the next day's program, which he wanted to set up that evening. So far on our list is me, Maizie and Minuette, and possibly Emily, one of the mini American Girl dolls, and Kit. April Mae is being difficult, but I think once she sees how much fun we have at school, she may want to come too.

Wallace showed up at the schoolhouse and was quite impressed, I don't think he expected it to be as clean and neat at the beginning. He liked the modern schooldesks, and said he was expecting a Laura Ingalls type of schoolhouse, and was relieved we didn't have ricketty desks and all. He was disappointed there was no chalkboard, but liked the alphabet and numbers border stenciled at the top of the ceiling. He set to work immediately re arranging things, and getting things in order.

Wallace soon had everything ship shape, and ready for the first day of school. Meanwhile, back at home, Minuette packed the tinies' lunch boxes.
The lunches were packed with peanut butter sandwiches, bags of pretzels, and a candy bar...hope all that sugar helps us focus on what Wallace has planned for us on the first day of school.

Professor Wallace is already looking forward to the first day of school, and is excited about teaching at the 'pumpkin Patch! Welcome to our new resident at Pumpkin Hill!