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Welcome to Pumpkin Hill Studios, where I create in the smaller side of life, and also sell on Ebay and Etsy.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Felicity, Felicity...

I have sadly neglected Felicity lately....and imagine my surprise on AGPT forum when I found out her birthday just recently passed! With me as big of a fan as Felicity as I am- and I live 45 minutes from Williamsburg!

To atone for this somewhat, I have started paying attention to her, and mini Felicity as well. So here are some pics of Felicity I took today, hopefully we'll be able to do something special on MY birthday- May 1st...

I thought I captured the real character of Felicity from the books- climbing on the roof and eating apples to hide from her little sister. Can't remember the story now but it made me smile because I had climbed trees when I was young too. I hope to take more pics later of her, with the other girls too.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Catching up...

Not much is going on in the Pumpkin Patch, Rebecca (aka Becca2012) has not done any time traveling and most of the activity in the 'Patch has been done in 1:6 scale- with the current building of Barbietown. However, our mini American Girl dolls have been getting some new clothes and mini Rebecca also got some shoes!
Big Rebecca had on her new dress bought for her on Ebay- blue is such a pretty color and decided to recline on the antique swan chaise lounge the big dolls use. I made the needlepoint pillow.

I have also included some pictures from Easter, with Mini Kit, Mini Emily and the other dolls in the 1:6 scale dollhouse celebrating Easter. Enjoy!