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Thursday, October 20, 2011

New stuff happening at Pumpkin Hill- Dixie's on Facebook!

New things are happening at the 'Patch on Pumpkin Hill...one, our kitchen fridge, stove and sink arrived! You should have seen Minuette's face! (she loves to cook and was having to cook all our meals at the sweet shop, which everyone was getting tired of candy and brownies and pie...well, not really...)
Minuette was quite happy, but there are some kinks with it- the furniture, I mean...

I, Maizie and Minuette are a little 'short' but the furniture fits April Mae just right...no, Goldilocks doesn't live here, but April Mae was a little smug. overgrown princess.
But we also got into the 21st centure and our big screen TV arrived as well!

April Mae & Maizie wanted to try it out NOW, but I pointed out that we didn't have a TV Table, or anywhere to plug it in just yet. Miss Lisa said our other windows arrived, so the house is coming along..
and now drum roll............
I'm also on Facebook ! I hooked up with my pal in Denver , Colorado Miranda Wandering and Lisa set up my email and everything! So now I'm official...you can friend me on Facebook and also follow all of our updates from my facebook page for the other dolls as well. I did such a great job of making some of the new dolls feel at home that I've been given the job of reporting on the 'Patch and its inhabitants...hmm..sounds  like work to me..
All for now!
~Dixie way down South in Virginia