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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Residents of Pumpkin Hill...

I am going to be adding and editing this post- as this will be the main archival post of the inhabitants of Pumpkin Hill.  Each of the dolls will have her/his bio here, or the central and main characters will, at any rate.  I hope you enjoy the storylines.

Felicity Anne Merriman

Felicity hails from the town of Williamsburg, and lives in Pumpkin Hill now with her best friend Becky.  She is 11 years old and quite the proper Colonial young lady- however, she loves to ride horses and most of all- bake cookies ! Felicity is a helpful girl and feels badly when her friends are sad, or hurt- a peacemaker of sorts.  She is still new to Pumpkin Hill and its other residents, so is somewhat shy.  She is excited to be able to attend the prestigous Pumpkin Hill Academy, a finishing school for young ladies.

~More about Felicity later~

Rebecca Lou Bailey

Rebecca Lou Bailey, also known as Becky to her friends, recently arrived at Pumpkin Hill, like her friend Felicity, to attend Pumpkin Hill Academy.  She was accepted and is eager to go to the school, but apprehensive at meeting the new girls as well. Becky  is a little headstrong, for an 11 year old and has her own ideas, but is quite decisive when she forges ahead with one of her projects. Becky's favorite food is apples, whether in pie, cake, ice cream, candy, or just plain apples off the apple tree. She loves helping in the kitchen, but especially loves to sing and is quite musical.

~More about Becky later~

"Gracie" Lisa's blogging doll assistant

Gracie's birthday is December 9, 2010...we celebrate her birthday on that day because that is the day she arrived all the way from Korea via Denver Doll Emporium.  Unlike Becky & Felicity, who are American Girl dolls, Gracie is an asian ball jointed doll, created by Souldoll.  Gracie is our main 'go to' doll here at Pumpkin Hill, and works with one of the Brownies who also assists her by letting her know what goes on in the tiny domains of Pumpkin Hill- also known as the miniature dollhouses & their inhabitants- but more on her assistant Dixie later.  Gracie is about 12 years old, and loves to browse the internet and give Lisa pointers on her blogging.  Very bossy,  sometimes impatient, but is also quite reflective.  She also helps Marigold Finch with the correspondence at her elaborate desk, and also likes to dress up, with different wigs and clothes. There is much , much more to tell about Gracie- she also loves to travel and often goes out for the day with Lisa just to see the sights.  Gracie is a star pupil at Pumpkin Hill Academy and mentors the 'new' girls or dolls when they arrive for registration.

Dixie, AKA Gracie's tiny assistant

Meet Dixie, a Felix Brownie asian ball jointed doll. Dixie is quite tiny, only four inches high, and keeps Gracie & Lisa informed of all the goings on in the dollhouse section of  Pumpkin Hill. She is a major blogger, and with her tiny laptop and assisted by Mr. Teddie, she keeps the flow of the incoming tiny dolls somewhat sane.Dixie is Gracie's very tiny assistant.  Brownies are a type of fairy that is helpful, and Dixie  is a big help in a very small way at the 'Patch here on the hill. She too is bossy (I think this comes with the miniature laptop computers these dolls have) and loves the color PINK.  She is an investor in Minuette Mouse's candy & sweet shop and frequently visits there so Marigold Finch of Finch Express can get the tiny correspondence to her quickly.  She is also impulsive, curious and very smart.

More on Dixie later.

Minuette Mouse

Minuette Mouse is also a doll, but is an asian ball jointed 'anthro' doll. She stands almost five inches high.  Minuette came to Pumpkin Hill to start her own candy shop, also selling sweets and ice cream, with the financial backing of her cousin, who lives in Florida, who prefers to remain unnamed.  Since the shop is a family affair, Minuette lives with Maizie and Dixie in the dollhouse known as Strawberry Hill Manor, and runs the sweet shop across the way.  She is highly successful and the Finch Express does constant pickups and drop offs of packages that leave the shop and are delivered. Minuette simply loves to cook, and nothing suits her better than developing a new candy or a new pastry in the kitchen.  Extremely successful, her waitresses are dressed like mice and work shifts.

~More on Minuette later~


Maizie is also a Felix Brownie asian ball jointed doll, just like Dixie and arrived with her. She too, is just barely four inches high and full of spunk. Though somewhat shy, and something of a follower of Dixie, Maizie loves to ride her bike to Minuette's sweet shop and gorge on ice cream. She also 'helps' Minuette when a new cookie or cake is being created as well.  Maizie loves to play, and takes care of the numerous dogs and cats in Strawberry Hill Manor, but has absolutely no interest in helping Dixie with the blogging. She also dislikes school intensely and finds school and books boring...

~More on Maizie later~

Marigold Finch,  of 'Finch Express'  - Postal & delivery carrier of Pumpkin Hill

Meet Marigold, our resident Finch mail carrier of Finch Express. Marigold assists in delivering the correspondence, and small packages to the doll residents of Pumpkin Hill.  Gracie &  Dixie, our resident bloggers, also help her as well. This is the main 'drop' box, for Marigold, outside of Minuette's sweet shop, and her favorite place to hang out and hear all the gossip. She reaides in her next in one of the rooms of the dollhouse Strawberry Hill Manor, and her fairy assistant, Wren, will be arriving soon to help her by covering teh letters with fairy dust so she can fly quicker.  Marigold likes to sing songs, and also likes to assist Gracie with 'tweets' on Twitter.  Marigold is a custom artisan bird made by miniature artisan Patricia Cabrerea of Woolytales Miniatures. She measures about 2 inches high.

Miss Ashton Brown~ Schoolteacher & Headmistress of Pumpkin Hill Academy

Meet Miss Ashton Brown, schoolteacher & temporary headmistress of Pumpkin Hill Academy, the prestigious school she started on a plantation farm. Miss Ashton had an unusual and sophisticated education, but alas, never married. Her parents,however believed in culture and the arts and as a result, Miss Ashton did the Grand Tour with her family, was received into society and had her debut. She excelled in school, and went on to study languages and the arts in England, France & Italy. Miss Ashton was highly influenced by a chance meeting with Florence Nightingale and even considered becoming a nurse because of her meeting with that notable lady- but decided that young girls, especially those who were less fortunate, might benefit more from education. Her ideas were scoffed at and so she raised funds and started a school with funds from her savings, having a building built that would house her school as well as a small apartment for herself so she could monitor the young ladies closely. Miss Ashton inspires the girls to always keep learning, which they do.
favorite instrument- piano
favorite pastime- writing letters to her friends

*I will be adding more doll bios later, but this is mainly to give you a synopsis of the characters and their individual personalities as they participate in the various photo stores coming along. * enjoy!~Lisa

Coming soon- in the upcoming months-

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