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Friday, May 17, 2013

Pumpkin House progress..what I'm working on...

I am currently working on Wren's little pumpkin House, and have been sketching and figuring out how I wish this to look. So I've started with a circular floor, made of paperclay.

The floor will look like a stone floor in the pumpkin house, and be round. This will be the place where Finch Express is located, and where Wren and Marigold take care of all the mail for the dolls in the Pumpkin patch at Pumpkin Hill. So I was thinking of a cross between a Tudor cottage with vines, thatch roof, timbers, crumbling stone but with full size shrubs/flowers about as it is a fairy house dwelling. Perhaps a lookout finch, or little finches with baskets on their sides strapped carrying rolls of mail and packages to the inhabitants of Pumpkin Hill. As well as mice mail carriers. 
I am working on one of the birds, and he is coming along nicely. He is going to be made of paperclay as well as the floor and exposed stonework on the pumpkin house. 

I was especially surprised at how well his features came out in the paperclay. His feet will be made of wire. Hopefully big enough for one of the mice postal workers to ride on his back. 
On another note, Wren has been sewing rose petals for a new dress for herself.

I am hoping to bring home a companion Realpuki from Denver Doll soon for Wren, she is very lonely and has been telling me about a friend she wishes to come and live with her. Also, she has become demanding of late and said she needs a pair of wings. 
Back to the drawing board to see if I can keep up with the ideas I need to create!