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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pumpkin Hill Academy- Back to school!

Just a few quick photos of the girls of Pumpkin Hill Academy...I created this in photoflexer in Photobucket for the American Girl Playthings forum, for their annual back to school PT event they do this time of year ...that is why Gracie and Dorothy are not in the photos, even though they are part of 'proper school' like Our Dolls calls it...I am also preparing some photos for their current Fall/Autumn contest. I staged this small setting with Miss Ashton and Rebecca and Kit in their school desks...I still need about two more desks for all of the dolls. I am currently on one of the long term projects -- trying to get their school uniforms together. I may end up using Rebecca's uniform, but I like Molly's too, the plaid looks like a regular school uniform, even for Felicity.