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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Alice Project...wigged!

The Alice puppet project continues....and now the Hatter is Wigged! My mohair in the exact shades of the color Johnny Depp wore in the movie arrived yesterday, from a fabulous Etsy seller called
Split Rock Ranch . I only expected a small amount of this mohair, great quality. (I am thinking of turning my reproduction Francois Gaultier french fashion doll into a red hair if I find a pattern to make her a wig, maybe even make a bjd wig for one of my tinies. This mohair has a great curl and texture to it.) Check their feedback and you will see the appreciation photo, one of these above, in her feedback.
I did not make the hatter's hair as large as the character in the movie; working in miniature is always a compromise in trying to achieve the realism factor. I have this great top hat from my Goodreau bjd that is the perfect shape of the top hat in the movie, just an ugly yellow with a brick road pattern on it, and it fits his head perfect. The hat will be glued on in any event, so no need to add mohair where it will not be seen. I have some black sateen that I can alter the hat with, and jewelry findings along with ribbon. I worked with the thick electrical wire last night for his thighs and calves on the puppets' legs which have to move as his arms do, I am quite pleased with how the puppet is coming out. Hopefully, I can go thru the fabric stash and find some of the pink polished cotton I have that will be his shirt, and start working on dressing the torso. The frock coat and trousers are harder, since the legs have to be fully complete along with shoes. So may be only a couple of things I can do until I can order his shoes.
My biggest search now will be for the tiny spools I need to make his spool sash, with the different colors of thread he wore. I have looked at images online and this appeared to be attached to a chain of some type. I have found these spools before, but for the life of me, can't remember where I bought them, so will keep searching. As a last resort, I may end up sculpting them out of clay.
I will have more pictures on this project at another time! Enjoy!