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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Introducing Grace..Soulkid Katie A. bjd...

Well, she arrived on December 17, 2009 at about 2pm in the afternoon via UPS. I could hardly wait to get home to open her box, but sadly, couldn't play with her much as I had to go out for that evening. Next morning I purchased some clothing made for the 18 inch BKC Ink dolls you see at walmart, it fit her great, was cheap, and now my poor doll wasn't nekkid anymore. lol.

For a long time, I knew I wanted a bjd, but never really got it as to why some people were so obsessed or into the hobby so heavily...but when I opened her box, I knew. She has such a peaceful and serene look on her face sculpt. Surprisingly, I had thought I would just keep the name Katie, but looking at her out of the box, I knew she needed another name. In fact, she made it quite clear her name was 'Grace', she liked to read, and also liked horses, and would I please get her some suitable clothing? It was cold here. She was very happy to discover we lived near Williamsburg, as she preferred 18th century dress/fashions to modern dress, but would graciously humor me if I wished her to wear 'that modern' stuff....Talk about opinionated dolls!

Saturday it snowed, and snowed, and snowed until I thought there was nothing but white stuff that would float from the sky forever. (Did I make mention of the fact I hate the cold and snow?? Typical southerner...lol.) Since I was cooped up in the house, I took out the april 2008 arcadia haute doll pattern I had had enlarged, and started working on her dress. With a little modification to the skirt, it came out looking like I wished, and not bad for a first try, if I do say so myself....
I have some pics here of the finished gown, which is in two pieces. The bodice laces up the back with pink ribbon and the skirt ties with ribbon sashes also. I used white muslin, sheer eyelet and the picot tassel trim on the bodice- I have some more I think I will add to the skirt's hem. I restyled her wig to have her hair pulled back so it doesn't look like she just rolled out of the box..lol. I need to make a little bonnet, or headdress or hair ornament for this dress, and add some jewelry to complete that Trianon look I was going for. I still have to make her stocking s and her panteletts, and maybe a petticoat also. I will probably have her shoes made to match by one of the bjd shoe people who make such great shoes..
all for now-