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Monday, October 10, 2011

Part 2 of Tinies Moving in...

 I told alot yesterday about our chaos of
moving into the dollhouse. Well, turns out we didn't move everything, so we had to go back to our rental house from the Woodenhouse family for more tubs of stuff! The Woodenhouse family has been very understanding, and storing our stuff, er junk, in their attic rooms. Minuette and April Mae are such pack rats!
So we piled into the van and stuffed ourselves, the tubs, and Duke between Maizie & I in the front seat. Our van is a used one, (for some reason if you push a button on the dash a voice says, 'are we there yet?') but otherwise, it is serviceable. It was a long drive, Minuette and April Mae amused themselves by waving at everyone out the back windows.

Maizie makes me extremely nervous by constantly yelling 'Don't hit that tree! or Kid, on the sidewalk!'. I am going to have an extra cup of Java in my C&M Coffee cup that my buddy Miranda sent me to calm my nerves, and maybe some cookies too...It didn't help when Minuette and April Mae began singing '99 bottles of beer on the wall' and we made it to the number 40!  before we arrived.

Hopefully the new windows, what are painted and done, will be installed. We are still picking out furniture and figuring out how many beds we will need. Miss Lisa is hedging, and when she hedges, that means another ! Tiny might be moving in and need a place to crash! I will probably have to share with Maizie, as the mini American Girl dolls are taking one of the attic rooms. sigh..I'm beginning to think I need a house of my own, instead of driving nervous nellie tinies about with tubs of STUFF. hmph....I'm feeling grumpy today.

After we had arrived, and everything settled down, I went with my pal Emily out back and watched the sun going down.It is really pretty back there with what is known as soy growing in the field.. Sometimes they grow corn too out here in the country. It varies year to year and at fall, with the leaves beginning to turn, it's really pretty. Emily & I sat on the fence post and watched the sun set.

After watching the sun set for a little bit, we decided to climb the old pear tree, and it was fun! And so relaxing. ...the other tinies grumbled I didn't help unpack- but what's to unpack? Just more STUFF...and we don't have much furniture yet. Sometimes you gotta smell the roses, or like me, climb the trees....
Now if you haven't gone to my buddy Mirand's Blog , then you need to. She's just inherited a whole new house...kinda needs fixing up like our house. Ok, not as much as our house...but more on our house restoring later....
Have fun! ~ Dixie from way down South in Virginia...