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Monday, January 10, 2011

A is for Annabelle...

My 'A is for Annabelle' book by Tasha Tudor arrived today in the mail. The book is an alphabet book, and many French fashion doll clubs & artists have made or reproduced the doll, which was based on Tasha's great greandmother's fashion doll, which she called Melissa Shakespeare. The illustrations are so clear, and the patterns are quite easy to buy or replicate. The doll pictured above is like one I am thinking of getting- I have always wanted a Lady Jumeau or a Huret doll. They measure about 12 inches high and in the 1800's the elite place to buy dolls & their creme de la creme accessories was Paris. I purchased the book so I could have an idea what kind of accessories to do for my Annabelle when she comes. I am already working on a crocheted shawl- it has been so long since I crocheted it isn't funny. I think the last time I crocheted lace was when I was either twelve or thirteen for my dollhouse dolls.

The organizing of the shelves is coming along, slowly. I may change the doll & cottage arrangement on this last shelf. The plastic shelves are ones I purchased a few years ago at BJ'S when they were dirt cheap, hence the crayola colors. Right now, they will do because I wouldlike to totally repaint and floor the room. I have alot more Barbies in the box and out that need to go on the shelves, so some downsizing of the larger dolls will be in order. I also did some photographingof Strawberry Hill Manor, my front opening dollhouse the penny wooden dolls live in, it needs to be organized more, I have so many minis that would look great in it. I have more work to do on this house, it needs windows.
Be sure to check out my flicker album for Strawberry Hill Manor dollhouse pictures. I have also uploaded some new pics of new Rement as well as my A Doll a Day 2011 project as well. This is one fun photo project to do, and the groups' rules are relaxed & don't have alot of hard core rules like the date has to be on the picture, if you miss a day you miss it, blah blah. If you like to take photos of your dolls, then this is a great group, on Flicker, I encourage you to join.