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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dixie here....news from the 'Patch...

Hi there. Dixie here with my trusty loyal and royal pug dog, Duke. Lots has happened in the tinies' new house- we have begun to move in even though the builder didnt' install the windows yet...hmph, something about needing to order more! Loads has happened. For one, you may notice there is a tiny fairy named Tinkerbell sitting on a thimble...she claims that MY room is HERS and she refuses to leave...in fact, this house is somewhat infested with fairies...but since I am in a sense a Brownie fairy, I guess it's all good.

As you can see, not much has been moved into my room, except a desk, chair, and this impossibly stubborn tiny fairy...this is just ONE of the plastic tubs. The problem with tinies, they don't know how to pack sensibly!
We had brought in some of the tubs containing stuff, but when we moved in, we found alot of let's say, unusual furniture and items that went with the house?? Here we are in the middle of the chaos of unpacking...

Wren and Marigold couldn't be found, they used the excuse that they had lots of mail to sort and deliver to the divas in the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse . Personally, I am going to visit some of the dolls there, as we have had some new arrivals of new divas that I have yet to interview. More on that later...
Back to the strange items & furniture...so when we were bringing in our stuff, there were two items that I thought I really needed for my room....

Yep, an Egyptian throne in lacqured black & gold and an Egyptian statue of some cool guy with a loincloth on...I might not go as a busy little bee for Halloween, but might decide to get a wig and go as Cleopatra ....since I have this cool throne and all.
Here I am in the upstairs bedroom, this room is pretty large and there will probably be bunk beds in here to accomadate more tinies. Plus we have two mini American Girl dolls, Kit and Emily as well. With Miss Lisa's penchant for those dolls, I see alot MORE of them arriving...hmmph.
So I decided to visit some of the dolls int he Skipper bedroom, attached to the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse...those gals are fun!
You know, they have some marvelous cool toys. Skipper's Bedroom is a room scene Miss Lisa built to accomadate her collection of vintage Skippers, Tutti, Kellys, Chelseas, Stacies, and Todds. She's afurniture nut you know. Skipper's bunk bed was bought on Ebay, and the Suzi Goosie chest underneath all those toys was picked up at a yard sale.

I played a bit with the cool mini Barbie dream house that Kelly and Chelsea have, and asked if I could come again. Silly Kelly thinks I'm wearing her clothes..
Then...it was onto to interview one of the new larger dolls that is a 'holy grail' doll, whatever that means. Miss Lisa was raving about this doll who had made her home here, and was evidently demanding shoes. Shoes.....

Her name is Slipper, and she is a Sybarite. Made by some company over the ocean in London, England. Only this Slipper is French, because she came from a museum in Paris! She is a really nice lady, and says she is a bjd as well. Miss Slipper was nice and liked me very much. Evidently all she does is recline in her loungerie and diamonds and look in the mirror at herself. She liked the company, and hadn't met many of the other dolls yet- they thought she was a snobby doll. She even asked if I would sit on her lap, so Miss Lisa could take our picture. She's a really great doll, and taught me to say, 'Merci, beaucoup'. That means Thank you so much, or alot, I think.  She also said I was so tiny to be so full of joie de vive...I think that means I am full of it--- life, I mean.
Well, the next doll that had arrived before Slipper was the 12 inch Harry Potter doll by TOnner.

Gee, I hope he knows what he's doing with that wand, he looks blind as a bat with those glasses. And I didn't know there was a witch up here too! So I made myself scarce.
Miss Lisa said we had a new bear that had arrived, that she bought yesterday at Masonic Family Day. Masonic Family day is when all the Masons, Eastern Stars, Shriners, Job's Daughters, DeMolay, and Rainbow Girls and other Masonic organizations have one big day at the Masonic Home of Virginia and have a big parade. Miss Lisa helped at the Ladies of the Oriental Shrine of North America tent and decided that this nice little bear needed to come home. Really? Or is it just because he's also purple???

Miss Lisa says he doesn't have a name. The patch on his tummy has the L.O.S. insignia. I couldn't go, but Miss Lisa said the free bbq dinner that they serve to the public was good, and we sold lots of items for the Shriner's Children's Hospitals . Mr. Chris is also a Shriner, but couldn't go to the parade and ride on his go-cart.
Anyway, I had enough of interviewing all the new occupants of the 'Patch, so I went and watched TV with Gracie...who was eating way...to many cookies & not sharing...

Well, I have way more to tell, but will do so in another blog- I have so many pics to go through! But don't forget to check out my friend in Colorado, Miranda Wandering 's blog, she is having such cool adventures!
Toodles! ~Dixie, way down South in Virginia