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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rebecca takes a walk...

Well, I finally got some photo time to spend with Rebecca this lovely Sunday morning. I found a great spot and her dress and shawl fit in with the fall colors of the fields so well. I am still waiting on Felicity, she has not yet arrived, though her tea treats and tea set have. Hopefully we will be enlarging our adventures. I haven't took more photos of Rebecca simply because of time, I am trying to get all photos taken of her with the Bespaq furniture as this dress looks stunning next to it. Her accessories are wonderful except the fabric of the shawl is somewhat stiff and does not drape well. Hope to have more entries.photos up soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ok, I have caved...new dolls coming home...

Ok, I have caved. I have longed for an American Girl doll since I bought mystepdaughter Amanda, hers when she was just seven or eight, about 7 years ago now. She still has that doll. I had always meant to buy her the historicals, but never got around to it. Guess it is now time for me to have fun!
I purchased a Felicity in the Felicity/Elizabeth Frenzy when it was announced Felicity was going to be retired. Well, I was able to bid and win a Pleasant company Felicity in the prettier meet dress, with her accessories! I am still waiting for her to arrive.
Rebecca is now on her way via QVC. Check out QVC.com for their American Girl packages going up tomorrow, at the 4pm EST show for 2 hours! I went and bought Rebecca who not only comes with her accessories and book, but her school outfit and her lunch set! for 139.97!! This was a deal I couldn't miss, plus the dolls look great with the largest Bespaq furniture in the store. Here  is a pic of a customers' Rebecca when she visited the store yesterday!

So my Rebecca and Felicity will be arriving soon. I hope to share some more photos wth the dolls and the Bespaq, they are so lovely with the furniture.